Does music help calm you down?

If I’m nervous, sad, angry there is nothing that could calm me down, not even music. Yes, some classical music can do that but I wouldn’t say it calms me down, it just distracts me from my problems :woman_shrugging:t2:

  • Does music help calm you down?
  • What kind of music?

NO! I stay angeryyy :angry::triumph: until it goes away on it’s own :blush:

Not even my fav songs help!! none of them unless if it’s some boring classical music that will eventually put me to sleep :slightly_smiling_face:

@AS007 what about you my son!! do you stay angry like your dad or music helps you? :heart_eyes::star_struck::kissing_heart::see_no_evil::dash::smile_cat::alien::pinching_hand::leg::bone::man_bald:

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Omg no I am pretty chill like
I just end up

v i b i n g :slightly_smiling_face:


Depends on the kind of music :thinking:.
But in most cases, yes.

Anything related to Pop :smile:

Omg amazingg :star_struck: :clap:t5::clap:t5:

y e s :relieved:

I’m never anything else besides calm, so no.

Recently, I’ve been playing Taylor Swift’s Folklore + Evermore album on repeat whenever I’m feeling anxious (which is all the time). I’ve loved her music since I was in elementary school, so her songs are always very comforting to me. c:

Would 10/10 recommend crying to them sometime if you need to relieve some stress :’)))

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I’m mostly calm but when I do get upset, yes. Michael Jackson’s voice makes me feel like I’m being held and comforted like a kitten

lately the Stoneflower album by Antonio Carlos Jobim is just heaven to me

Yes, it makes me feel like in peace with myself

Mostly hymns and Christmas :christmas_tree:

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Yep. It also distracts me from whatever/whoever made me mad, so that’s rad.



any upbeat song :eyes:


Slowed version of songs or any soft/slowed rhythm songs
I feel like my taste is the exact opposite of most of you guys here lol

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