Does your morning routine change when you're on holiday?

When you’re on vacation, does your typical morning routine change? Whether it does or doesn’t, what is it?


Does your morning routine change when you’re on holiday?


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I don’t ever have a routine.

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Pretty much, because my normal morning routine is waking up at 7:00, having coffee, getting ready for work, and eating breakfast.

Obviously the one thing that changes while on vacation is the type of coffee I drink, because at home I have an espresso/cappuccino machine, and when I’m somewhere else, I either have to buy it ready or buy powdered cappuccino.
The time I wake up depends on with whom I’m staying and what activities I want to do that day.

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It does change a lot depending on where I am!
If it’s summer and I’m somewhere where I have a beach I would wake up early, have breakfast and be at the beach for almost the entire day…

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Yes it does. Of course, it would depend on where I’m on vacation, but normally my vacations with my family are to Disney World, so the routine is definitely different. On vacation, after getting up and getting dressed whenever we as a family have decided that we’re waking up to start the day, it’s the discussion of the most important question of the day there, where we’re going to eat, and what we’re going to first in the park. With that determined, we simply head out of the hotel and get started on the day’s adventures and the search for food.
My normal morning routine though, simply consists of waking up and walking downstairs in a half asleep to curl up under a blanket with a glass of chocolate milk in hand. I’m not a morning person, so the morning is a unfortunately necessary annoyance.

Not very much, the only difference is if I stay in my pj’s or get actually dressed. If I don’t have to be anywhere I stay in comfy clothes. The only other difference would be the fact I don’t set an alarm since I don’t have to go to work.

What about you?


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I don’t have a morning routine lol. It takes me like five minutes to get ready, and I’m usually out the door really fast lol. I don’t really even eat breakfast, usually just have like a bar or something. On weekends I just sleep in or just stay in bed or something.


Really depends on what I’m doing that day

If I am staying in I will skip my morning cleanse and just wash with water. I also might add a few extra layers of hydrating/moisturizing steps because nobody will see how shiny I am. Also skip the sunscreen unless I am going to do a long dogwalk.

I first and foremost never hit the snooze button on my alarm on holliday. I get up and immediately make the bed and then wash my face, brush/floss. Following that I get dressed, make my breakfast smoothie and then sit and enjoy it, fill planner. Thirty minutes after breakfast I drink my coffee and head out to start my day.

That’s my ideal routine!

Depends on what kind of vacation.
If it’s just a break but I’m still at home, well, then I just wake up whenever I want and take a lot more time to actually wake up. (This morning I woke up at 11 AM for example :joy:)
If it’s actually me travelling somewhere, I’m most likely more excited to get out of bed and get ready quickly so I can fill my day with a lot of exciting stuff.
Tho, if I would have like a relaxing beach holiday of something like that I would also take much more time to get ready and just actually enjoy the morning routine (nice breakfast, cup of coffee ect.)

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