Does your school have yearbooks?

Hey there! Yearbooks are a pretty well-known item. There is no end of ‘weird yearbook quotes’ videos and posts on the internet. However, not every school does them. Does your school do them? My school publishes a yearbook every year, but we don’t do yearbook quotes.


Oui, my school publishes yearbooks :eyes::+1::rose::two_hearts:

I keep forgetting to buy one though :joy::no_mouth::rose::two_hearts:


My school didn’t! Lol they really missed an opportunity for some money there. We got a DVD with a silly video of the teachers at the end of school and that was it.

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I’ve bought one every year since grade nine. My friends and I like looking through them and laughing at our pictures.

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Funny story, for the first two years of my school career I went to a public school, then I transferred to a charter school for the rest of elementary and 6th grade. Then for 7th and 8th I went to a public middle school. So while I was in 8th grade I found my old yearbook from 1st grade and realized like half the kids that I was going to school with were in the same elementary school as me and I didn’t even realize-

It’s even crazier because one of the most popular girls at school was in the same class as me and I didn’t even recognize her :no_mouth:

But yeah, my highschool has yearbooks

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We had yearbooks in my school when I was in elementary, middle school, and high school. I still have my 10th grade yearbook. That one was special to me. I had to get rid of the other ones when I moved, and one of my middle school yearbooks I lent to some girl who never gave it back :rage: :rage: :rage: , but at least I have my 10th grade one.

Yes, I had an online school yearbook. You can get it taken or upload your own selfie.

Yes, but I’ve only ever bought one, which was in 8th grade. I should probably start buying them though. For memories.

Yes I have two year book one from 10 grade and then 12 grade. But that was old high school. And they are heavy too.

Oui, but I’m not spending 10€ to buy a book with an embarrassing picture of me :eyes::sparkles:


I’d buy it for the embarrassing pictures of everyone else :smiling_imp:



Same. They also dedicate a page to each of the arts disciplines, so it’s always fun to see if any pictures from our shows made the cut.

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That sounds nice

I was always left out of the official stuff like photo compilations. At the end of year 11 there was one very short clip of me but other than that you wouldn’t know I was in that year group :joy:

Really helped with my feelings of exclusion of course hehe

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My school had them. I wouldn’t have bought one, but we all got a yearbook for free. :pensive::white_heart: I tried to avoid looking at my own picture.

Nah, not really. Our high school had one but only for the year 3 students and it was the students who arranged it. We were supposed to write compliments about each other so it turned into a popularity contest and people started to argue etc. etc. Too much drama. I never bought it! :smiley:

Not really! We only get one yearbook at the very end of high school and elementary school! That’s it, sadly.

No, but I would have really liked one as I’m on good terms with everyone in my year. I might try and see if I can just start my own yearbook committee again next school year when I attend college :thinking:

My school had one only at the end of senior year

My schools have always had a yearly one :thinking:

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