Does your school offer any schemes?

The title is pretty self-explanatory but does your school offer any schemes like the Duke of Edinburgh award? If so, which ones? Mine offers Duke of Edinburgh and NCS!

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Mine offered Duke of Edinburgh and NCS, I did neither of them but they are recommended as a feather in your cap in terms of UCAS points.

UCAS points mean nothing to me now since I already have a place in uni :woman_shrugging: but I suppose they will have an impact on my scholarship however since the rest of the work for my BTEC was cancelled I have no idea about that now. Either way I’m still going to uni :blush:

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I remember Duke of Edinburgh.

I remember our school having schemes and me not caring :eyes:

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What do you mean about schemes lol? (I’m from the US XD)

My exact thoughts and same

Extra curricular stuff that actually makes you look good. So Duke of Edinburgh has a bronze, silver and gold award you have to do quite alot for the gold.

I suppose to you it would be a school program or something? :joy: no clue

What a strange concept :eyes:

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