Do's & Don'ts for Co-Hosting an RP/SG

Co-Hosting an rp can be fun. You have someone you can plot things with, share secrets and you have someone who can help revive the energy without it just being you who keeps posting.

However there are a few do’s and Don’ts that will help make the teamwork easier.


Communication is key, it always is. What you have in your head needs to be directed to your partner in a clear way so both of you know what the plot is, what the role is of the playersnand what you both need to do.

2.know your roles
Its good to establish roles. Who is responsible for the fc’s and who does the event posts? Who do the players ask for info? You get my drill. If you’re a co-host who pushes all the tasks on the other host, or the other way around where they take all the tasks, it will be hard to be co-host so give everyone an equal amount of tasks.

Take the time to read through the information, maybe even keep a sheet with the progress of the rp so when needed you can recap or explain to new people or people who had to take a break. As a co-host it’s also useful because you know where everyone is and what they are doing.


1.Dissappear without a notice.
This is something that goes for a host as well as the co-host but as players as well. If you have to take a break or won’t be able to help or be online, LET PEOPLE KNOW. it can sting to anyone if your partner suddenly is just gone and suddenly you’re on your own. This has effect for people especially when the dip of activity hits. It can be hard when a rp loses its activity and your partner is just gone and you don’t know why and for how long.

2.shoot down the other person’s ideas.
Let them contribute. If the idea doesn’t work/fit then there’s a good chance they aren’t on the same page as you on what the idea is, so you should find out what’s missing.

See if you’re able to add or knit there idea into yours and be flexible for changes.

@RPers I hope these tips help, and please share your own do’s and don’ts if they aren’t here yet.


Love this. Nice info. For me, I think time-management and communication are the big ones.