Draw the OC above you ✨

Draw the OC above you!

Welcome! This thread is basically for a person to put down information about their OC. The person below will draw the OC above them and put down information about their OC and so on. :sparkles:

How this will work

  • Write “Claim” at the top of your post to show that you’re going to draw the OC above you
  • Fill in the form about your OC and add it to your post
  • When you’ve drawn the OC above you
    1. Edit your post and insert the drawing
    2. Tag the person above you


  • Please don’t rush the drawing, do your best.
  • Don’t take longer than a week.
  • If the drawing takes longer than expected please tell the person above you or me.
  • Any art style is welcomed. :sparkles:

You don’t have to fill in every field and feel free to add additional information.

Clothes and apparel:
Additional information:


@fraud ieee you should tag the artists :eyes:


@fraud @passionfruit And someone should make the first request post, lol. I’d feel like a mooch if I did, though :'D


Please make the first one! :pray:t3: I could try to draw it… badly :joy: I’m not drawing that much

@passionfruit I must have forgotten to reply. :sweat_smile:


Name : Takafumi Aoki

Species : Human

Age : 29

Gender : Male

Appearance : Tall and lanky in the extreme, Aoki is almost cadaverous in appearance. He doesn’t crop his brown hair much, letting it fall down below his collar, and keeps a long, unkept fringe. His temples appear to be shaven clean, though; the artificial skin there hides a number of utility ports and jacks. He rarely bothers to shave and sports a short stubble most of the time.
Aoki’s most notable feature are his eyes: Big and bulging, they seem to barely fit into his sockets. His irises are metallic chrome, while his pupils constantly shine with the backlight of the information screens displayed on his retinas. Since his eyes are artificial, he has little need to blink - something that others find incredibly disturbing.

Aesthetics : Any style will be appropriate

Clothes and apparel : Black jeans and a white shirt, with a tie in black-and-yellow stripes. His appearance is very negligent, with untucked shirt and extremely ruffled fabrics. Aoki often spends his nights on coach at work, and it shows.
His demeanour is caustic and unapproachable, bordering on hostile. He is perpetually scowling, looking as though the whole world was getting on his nerves. This is only partially true; in reality, he’s usually concentrating on half a dozen tasks at once.

References : Sorry, I’m drawing blanks :sweat_smile:


@Artists how about drawing some OCs ay? :wink:
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@Artists ~ are any of you interested? :wink:


I’m drawing blanks for the first oc

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Name : Ada Veolet
Species : Human
Age : 14
Gender : Female
Appearance : Ada is pretty skinny for her age to say the least. Not to the point of bordering on unhealthy, but she is surely on her way there. Her hair is dark and curly, reaching towards her shoulder blades, its ends fading into a lighter shade at its ends. Freckles litter various areas of her body, including her elbows, chest, and face, but the partitioning is sparse. She has a darker tone of skin, however it’s not very dark due to lack of much exposure to the sun for years. Her eyes a large and dark brown, however become gold at the hearing of someone’s lie.
Aesthetics : Any style?
Clothes and apparel : A long, burgundy dress about a size bigger than her with gold embellishes here and there. She usually goes barefoot. It should also be kept in mind that the time period at this point is inspired by Victorian Era themes.
References : Not really. :eyes:
Additional information : Hard case of RBF.

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How do?


Claim someone’s character then put a description of your own character!

I’m sorry, I have no idea how to portray this. :eyes:


I knew posting first was a bad idea :smiley: Could someone else take over?


Aw man, your character seemed really cool to draw. @Writers any of your characters that you think would do good here?


Name : Brandon Holon

Species : Supernatural elemental

Age : 13

Gender: Male

Appearance: Brandon is lightskinned and has broad shoulders. With a scar across his lips. He has messy jet black hair with grey eyes.

Aesthetic : Any style

Clothes and apparel : blue pants with a white/milky colored shirt. Usually has a sword on his right hand.

References : not really

Addition information: He has something like a mixture of a dragon and a unicorn pet.


I can take this one.




I’ll give this a go if you do, @baleigh!

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