Drawing Tablets

Hii, this is a topic that’s on my mind a lot the last time. Cause I am considering to buy a quite professional drawing tablet. More so for my photography than for making drawings, but I definitely would use it to draw as well!!

At the moment I own a green Wacom Intues S. I don’t regret buying it years ago, but I’ve kinda outgrown it and don’t use it much. It isn’t pleasant to draw because there is a delay between when you draw and what shows up, partially because it doesn’t have a screen.

Do you guys own drawing tablets? If yes, which? If you don’t, would you want to own one? What kind of drawing tablet would you want?

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This sort of delay isn’t supposed to happen, tbh. When it does, it usually indicates some sort of software or OS problem :neutral_face: Also, using a tablet without a screen is an acquired skill. It takes a lot of practice just to be able to do perfectly normal stuff… Which I agree, takes a lot of fun out of the process.

My friend is a huge fan of drawing on an iPad, and quite successful with it. I have zero experience with it, but apparently it’s a cheaper, more flexible alternative to a dedicated graphic tablet with a screen.

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Actually I had a major issue with drawing tablets with a screen because the screen was so thick it was kinda disorienting to be drawing like a layer under and it made the positioning of lines oh so slightly off which just bothered me :thinking:

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I do not own a drawing tablet, I use my phone device to draw things. A drawing tablet isn’t necessary unless you’re using for work. Not only that, if it’s too big, it’s not portable.

I have one but I barely use it. It doesn’t have its own screen which makes it more difficult for me. But it was a present from my best friend so I still try to work with it a bit

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