Dressing emo and goth!

I know there are some of you who have been wanting this thread for a while cough @passionfruit cough so here it is!

Before we begin I’d just like to say that if you don’t dress like this you can absolutely still be emo and goth, these are just examples and are not the be all end all, remember styles and stuff evolve over time

I’ll start by saying the difference between emo and goth. Now something you may see alot of is goth and emo’s being at “war” with each other. This isn’t true, there is plenty of cross over. None are better than the other. There are a couple of style differences though which will be highlighted throughout the thread.

(All examples given are just examples and not the definitive way to dress, goth and emo is all about embracing individuality)

Let’s begin:


Example 1

Example 2


One of the huge parts of the emo style is band merch it’s expensive but I love it. EMP is my saviour :joy:. Also coloured floppy hair! The hair is definitely inspired by punk! Infact there was a time when a razor would be used to cut the bangs and give it a rough edgy look (although if you are gonna try this I suggest you be very careful and in all honesty I don’t encourage it at all razors are sharp). Hoodies are fren to the emo.

Black ripped skinny jeans are also a popular feature. Pro tip, if you wanna put your own rips in then you can also do this thing where you rub a nail file on it to again, give it a rough edgy look. I suggest not doing this while wearing them and maybe practise on a cheap pair first. Fishnets and skirts/shorts are also popular. Alot of my tights have rips in because I’m clumsy but it also looks kind of punky.

Now in terms of accessories, wallet chains, studded belts, wrist bands (especially band ones), chokers and fingerless gloves are quite popular. Especially skeleton fingerless gloves those were HUGE at one point.

In terms of make up, just get creative. Black eyeliner, black nail varnish and other stuff like that are rad if you wanna go for a dark looking style but emo can have colour :wink: I paint my nails red and black. Just go nuts and get creative. You don’t even need to wear make up, I don’t.

In terms of shoes, popular brands for this are converse and vans (skater fashion plays a huge roll) there are plenty of shoes out there that look like these but are cheaper for those interested. Also Doc Martens for those who want boots. Personal preferences :sunglasses:


Example 1


Example 2

As you can see, in terms of style there are definitely differences but this does not mean that this is the only examples of gothic clothing/style. There is a whole rabbit hole to fall into. Example one is actually inspired by gothic lolita. But there are many others like pastel goth, glamour goth, steampunk goth, witch goth. I suggest looking on pinterest at all of these.

Alot if it looks quite victorian! Also pretty vampiric. I have shirt from alchemy gothic that has chains and those wide ended sleeves (I do not know the term) and personally I associate that with vampires.

Wallet chains make an appearence in this style too! Also contrary to popular belief goth can absolutely have colour. It’s not just all black.


Can you be both goth and emo?

Yes absolutely

Do all goths and emo’s worship Satan?


Can I be religious and still goth/emo?


I hope this was helpful :blush:

Any questions feel free to ask.



What defines punk fashion? :eyes:

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Individuality :eyes: all part of the punk movement

Popular features include ripped clothing, “crazy” hair styles. Tattoo’s/piercings etc etc

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Gonna edit it to include shoes :upside_down_face:

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I can recommend shops too :eyes:

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yayy more information

yes :eyes:

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Some of these may just be UK

Hot Topic
Charity Shops (never know what you may find it’s rad)
Amazon has some stuff too

Also keep an eye out for small businesses

I got my steampunk goggles from a smol shop :eyes:

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i know that we have this one, at least

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Funnily enough I don’t have a Hot Topic here

Closest thing to that is a place called Afflecks Palace in Manchester :joy:

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how strange

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Well you can if you want but not all goths and emos do, that’s just a stereotype :joy:


I know :sunglasses:



Not that I know of :eyes:

A lot of them are :eyes:

I’d love to try dressing goth or emo! :thinking::white_heart:

I would if my parents let me :skull_and_crossbones:

I’m still proud of this thread

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Lol, you should be.

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I used to think I was goth just because I wore a huge black coat in elementary school :sob:

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I’m wearing a dark grey t-hirt and black skinny jeans.