Duolingo closed their forums

It seems as though forums are either on the edge of closing or just full on closed down. This time it’s Duolingo who have shut down their forums. The reason I’m making this thread is because Duolingo are a well known app and maybe some of you guys have been affected?

Either way as I’ll always say, anyone is welcome here. Of course I’m not just leaping on the a community need a new place to talk bandwagon.

So @Discussions did this affect any of you?



I actually discovered it because it affected me personally! I have over a 500-day streak and I was a bit confused about a grammar thing in French.

Usually, adjectives agree in French, right? So, if a noun is plural, the adjectives you use to describe it will be plural, too. E.g. if you wanted to say “small shoes”, you’d have to turn the adjective “petit” into feminine because “chaussures” are feminine nouns. You’d also have to make it plural since you’re talking about more than one shoe. The feminine plural of “petit” is “petites”.

However, I tried to do this for “some orange shoes”. Duolingo wouldn’t accept it and kept saying that it’s “orange” instead of “oranges”. I wanted to take to their forums to see if anyone else was having the same issue.

The word-level discussions were read only and the forums were completely closed.

It’s kinda dumb because in their message, they say “please continue to report incorrect translations”. With something like “orange”, how am I supposed to know if it’s incorrect or if it’s just a grammar rule I don’t understand yet? Now, I have no one to ask!

I hope we can make a bustling community here with people who speak different languages so that we can help each other with this kinda thing! My boyfriend speaks French as his first language, but he said “I haven’t done explicit grammar lessons in years, so I’m going to forget some of the more obscure rules or just not notice them until I try to write it myself”


Yeah I’ve wanted a language community here for a while now :sob:
Need someone to tackle my polyglot aspirations with


Right? I have a list of languages I really want to learn and no one to learn it with! Duolingo used to have a voice thing on the app where you could chat in your target language with other people. No clue what happened to that, but I’d love something like that, too!


shanii yes like

like my speech is like 0% like i talk like a baby jk jk

It’s also really upsetting to me that these places keep shutting down. People have created a discord for Duolingo, but it’s just not the same. You can’t search the Discord for an answer to a question in the same way you can on a forum because it’s a scrolling chat log, not a forum with different discussion threads. You can’t open a new channel when someone wants to ask a new question or share something new, either.

When it comes to learning a new skill, language, etc, forums will always make life much easier than something like discord where the focus is on the current discussion, not on sorting through equally important discussions from different points in time.

Does that make sense?


If you did this every time someone wanted to create a new discussion separate from the last, the Discord would be a mess. You can’t stop people from going off topic in Duolingo the same way you can on a forum, though. There could be 3 conversations going on at the same time and there’s nothing you could really do about it except move to a different general chat. Then what? You want to find that great piece of advice again and you can’t remember what chat it’s in or the exact words for the search function.

With forums, you can confine specific discussions to different threads. It’s not the same for Discord.


Yes it kind of affected me … I loved Duolingo forums. When I was confused about why something I wrote while practicing was marked as wrong I could always go to the forums to learn all the rules of the forums. How else was I supposed to learn that you put a for vocative words, for instanch a phiuthar, but don’t put the a in front if the word begins with a vowel but instad add an i in the word … for instance instead of “a ollamh”, it’s just “ollaimh”

I would love to have that abillity still

Really? I never knew that … But it would be no use to me, I’d be to shy to do it anyways …

But talking in that language with native speakers is the best way to learn a language

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If anybody needs help with Croatian … I’ll do my best. If anybody knows the languages I’m learning … Latin, German and Scottish … I’d love your help as well

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Yes, that 100% makes sense. It reminds me of the time back in maybe fall 2020 when a bunch of forum members started getting on Discord a lot instead of participating on discussion threads, and I even mentioned something about not understanding the appeal of Discord because you can’t have an open discussion about a specific topic like you can with posts on the forum. Someone replied that they didn’t get the point of posts, that Discord is much more fun, etc… but my point was basically that you can go back to a thread about a specific topic where the focus is on THAT topic, not some chat where if you weren’t online at the time, you may have missed a discussion you wanted to partake in but can’t because everyone has moved on to another topic.


I can help with arabic!

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Thanks. You’ve made me realise - it might be a good idea to see if the forums can support different writing systems


I know how to speak and write Arabic! I can help with anything! I also know English a lot!

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čćđšž yeah, those work

Welcome to the forums!

Also yes :joy:

It really seems like they just don’t want to listen to the people who use their service which kinda just sucks

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Wow! 500 days!!

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