Duolingo? More like Dumb-Olingo. I'm tired, ok?

Duolingo can’t translate from French to English and I’m mad about it. It’s a LANGUAGE LEARNING APP.


s u i t c a s e s

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As far as I’m concerned, the sentences are actually translated to:

  1. Oh really? But where are your suitcases?
  2. I am going to one of the hotels next door. Come with me!
  3. Me, too. I’m finishing my suitca…

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This being because:

  • “suitcase” is “valise”
  • “suitcases” is “valises”
  • “valis” is poop.


I’m just finishing my poop

Lul Shannii said poop

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Duolingo does basic language translations for some reason. Lmao. Even the French course I’m doing is simple

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It is poop because “valis” would be pronounced “val-e” which is poop.

It just looks like someone on an iPhone mistyped “valid” and hit send" before their autocorrect could do its thing

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Wha? I’m too tired to understand any of that.

Duolingo French course? This is Travel 4, so have fun when you get there! :smiley:

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The thing that peeves me the most about Duolingo French in particular is their question formatting

Generally, when you ask someone a question in French, you use the formal ‘vous’. Duolingo, however, always uses the informal ‘tu’ and then marks it wrong when I translate it the correct way, even though I’ve translated the question correctly

(For reference - I’ve been speaking French for 8 years and just use Duolingo to practice)


Oh no

I don’t think I’ve reached that far in Spanish either lmao

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Ugh don’t even get me started on the number of times I’ve had to submit a new “my answer should be accepted” translation!

Um… what was the actual answer?


@anon68003072 I feel like I need to say that it doesn’t mean poop really. It just is poop XD

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That’s okay Shannii I have a basic GCSE in French and there’s only one French word I use for poop and I’m not putting it outside the RS heh heh

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Good ol’ GCSE French! I remember NOTHING :smiling_imp:

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I remember a fair amount like, I know enough to see that Duolingo isn’t right in those screenshots but I wouldn’t be able to translate :joy:

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