Dyscalculia Awareness

Ok, I’m back. Dyscalculia is pretty much math dyslexia, and I can’t tell you how much I hate math!


I hate math in a whole

Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse for us.

I’ve had students with dyscalculia but since I don’t teach math, it didn’t affect them too much in my class.
I’m fine with doing simple math, but please, no complicated word problems with kilometres per hour, nor algebra, geometry, or anything you can’t do on a calculator.


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Anyone else with Dyscalculia?

I don’t know much about dyscalculia, but it’s interesting to think about. I can imagine that it can make life extremely difficult depending on the severity. Even just typical daily tasks tend to involve math and numbers of some type, so that would make things quite difficult.

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You have no clue :joy: I still have trouble with left and right

Anti math bump! Do you struggle with this, or know someone who does?

A friend of mine has dyslexcia and dyscalculia. I remember how hard math and reading was for her and how bad and stupid she felt. Even tough she wasn’t stupid at all. I always tried my best to remind her that.

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I just have Dyscalculia, but I feel so stupid. I have trouble with even simple math.

Same with her. The teachers didn’t wanted to help her out with her dyscalculia. And just brushed it off by telling her that she wasn’t trying hard enough. I could sometimes see tears in her eyes. Because she was trying. When she was at home she would spend so much time into trying to read with her mother. Broke my heart when she told me about all this and how she was so thank full that I would help her with math and reading and that I would take the time to explain things.

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They did their best to help me, but I just felt like a burden.

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It got so bad that I honestly wanted to die. Aspergers, Anxiety, possible depression and Dyscalculia is a dangerous combination…

Added #awareness tag! :sparkles:

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Anyone also aware of this?

@Discussions, what do you guys think? I’m sure you know Dyslexia, but have you heard of this?


Well I have a math deficiency problem. I can only handle certain amount of different maths at a time. If I’m going over algebra than I can’t focus on geometry. It’s the same way in reverse. I still count on my fingers because it’s easier to visualize it that way. I use the calculator on my phone usually.

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