Dystopian films

Dystopian films are movies that are set in a society that is undesirable or even frightening. Most often, they are set in the future where some large event has caused society to change massively.

  • Do you like watching dystopian films?
  • If you do, what’s your favourite?
  • If you don’t, why not?
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I haven’t seen many but yes! They can be really fun!

The maze runner

I rarely watch any dystopian films, they scare me :sweat_smile:

@ ScreenSloths what about you? Can you recommend any dystopian films?

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Haven’t really watched much that I can think of, considering I don’t really have a good grasp of a dystopia film?

But the idea of these movies sound interesting.

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BEST dystopian film! F^CKing amazing!

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I really love dystopian worlds :white_heart: but I haven’t seen much about them since I actually depend on what my parents watch xDDD

some I’ve seen are Maze Runner, Mortal Engines (I really like the concept of this one, but I feel like it lacks something), and a confusing order of Hunger Games-

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