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Las Encinas, Spain’s top international private school, looks like the headquarters for a multinational conglomerate. All marble and glass, green lawns, glittering lake. It’s no wonder that a school like this is home to the one percent. You know who I’m talking about. Children of the richest of the rich. Raffish blue bloods, if you asked me. Oh, and who am I? Well, Las Encinas, you’re in for a ride. After all, I’m not the only new addition to your elite club, am I?

This roleplay is set in an idyllic small town surrounded by the mountains in Spain, a place home to an English-speaking community of expats. It centres around the lives of students at Las Encinas International: an exclusive private school, serving children of the world’s elite, which is forced to take in several working-class kids from El Instituto Enseñanza Secundaria San Esteban after an earthquake causes the roof of their school to collapse and the local council divides up the students.

However, the new students’ debut into Las Encinas will not be easy. And their arrival will not be welcomed by the upper class students of Las Encinas. To add onto this, the arrival of the San Esteban students coincides with the introduction of Gossip Girl, leading many of the Elites to believe one of the new students is behind this very real threat to ruin their reputations. Tensions arise and conflict ensues.

Advanced | Minimum Posting Once a Week | Long-Term

Rules for Character Creation

  • You may create a maximum of 2 characters, which must be…

    • different genders

    • one lower-class and one elite.

  • All characters must have a minimum of 3 secrets, consisting of…

    • at least one personal secret (involving your character only)

    • at least one shared secret with another character

      • You must not reveal your characters’ secrets to anyone (unless you’re planning with another person – in which case that’s fine, but please do so in PMs!).

  • Only after your character has been accepted, you may…

    • start planning secrets involving other characters in PMs

      • Once your character has been chosen, I will send you a full list of their secrets, for your personal reference, from where you can then PM me your character’s shared secrets for me to update onto the list.

    • start planning past and current relationships

      • No future relationships may be planned until we get further into the roleplay

      • Las Encinas students are probably more likely to know other Las Encinas students than the San Esteban students are (and vice-versa).

    • fill out your character’s “Instagram profile”

      • The profiles are something you might want to keep in mind when choosing your characters’ faceclaim – however, do not worry about this too much, as I will be helping find faceclaim names where necessary!

  • Keep in mind that, although this roleplay is set in Spain, your characters do not have to be Spanish – there are no limitations as to what nationality your characters can be. 321satsea

    • If roleplaying a character with a different culture to your own, please be prepared to do your research (Cultural Atlas is a good resource to use).

  • If your character is accepted, I will notify you and your character will be placed on the FCs.

    • If you don’t hear back from me, you can assume your submission has not been accepted.

  • Any questions, let me know!

Useful Links

Official Thread
General Chat


Welcome back to Elite XOXO’s continuation

~ @cuteswede @benitz786 @Mei @melancholy @sunflowerjm @eclipseis @firefly @TheBluGeek ~

A few things to be aware of:

  • Gossip Girl’s ownership will now be passed around characters.
    • (I’m also considering doing occasional polls to vote on who everyone suspects the culprit to be every once in a while!)
  • I’ve updated the FCs, Relationships, and Instagrams.
    • If you were in the last RP but your character’s FC isn’t up on the slides, let me know and I’ll be happy to add them back on!
  • I’m opening up sign-ups to new members (@RPers), if anyone wishes to join.
    • Read the Synopsis and Rules for Character Creation before signing up.
    • Although this is a continuation, we didn’t get far previously! We’ll be continuing off on a new day, on the 2nd day back—so please don’t feel put off!
    • Only a very limited number of submissions will be accepted (as we have quite a few characters already).
  • Old posts can be accessed in the Archive through the Gossip Girl site.

Returning RPers only, please vote in the poll below!

  • I’m still interested, and active.
  • I’m still interested, but not currently active.
  • I’m no longer interested and/or active.
  • N/A (ignore my vote)

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We have a thread were you can post your idea to check interest . please don’t use the @/RPers tag for this

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It’s not a new idea though, it’s from the old forums. I think this is fine since we don’t want people clogging up the New Ideas Thread.


Oh. It looked like a new idea.

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I signed up characters before the rp originally started on the episode forums, but my writing sample was not accepted. Would it be possible to join in if I submit a new sample? If so would I need to resubmit the characters, or do you have their information from when they were originally submitted?


I know that I left but I still would love to participate in this RP with my old characters if that’s fine!


I’d like to reserve a male and female character


Of course! And I have their information already, if you want to keep them.


ahh so happy to have you back! Of course.


Great! Thank you! I’ll try to be as active as possible


I’ll make a male


I would love to reserve a female!


Yes I would love to keep them. Should I send my new writing sample in the signup form or in a pm?


Either is fine!


I know I made my characters a while ago, but I would love to plan more secrets for my characters Ferris O’Connor and Mariana López — please PM me if interested!!

tagging those who have reserved or have voted ‘interested’ on the poll (;
@benitz786 @katabasis @firefly @unsungcheerio @sunflower.flow @Madilnel @Mei @astxrism @Littlefeets @Yomama
to those who have reserved - PM me if your character(/s) get accepted!!


Can I reserve for a female?


Of course!


Reserve female and male?


@anon69836121 Was Leora removed from the face claim?