Episode Oldies Discussion: Brother My Brother

Brother My Brother
Description: Toronto gets quite a surprise when a hot movie star becomes her stepbrother! Can she control her life in the face of fame?

Whelp, I take everything about the old stories being good back.

Lol, jk, but it seems like they weren’t immune from the really bad ones. This one I really don’t remember reading at all which means I must have thought nothing of it! Jeez. It just makes me think that kids reading these types of stories will shrug this kind of thing off as well!
Reading the first episode back now, it does also have a similar style to featured stories now which really disappoints me. To think that they might’ve looked at this story and thought they liked it enough to repeat the same mistakes… ugh.

Have you read it? If so what are your thoughts?


I remember this one! For a start off “Toronto” can be added to my list of MC names that amuse me (no offense to anyone actually called Toronto) again I don’t think I read the whole thing but for the parts I did read I’m gonna say weren’t too bad :sunglasses::joy:


Oh no it’s the anime trope

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Also Toronto? WTF? :joy:


Despite the description, this one was actually pretty good.

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