Episode Wiki: Good Mental Health Stories

Finding good stories on Episode that correctly portray mental health without glamorizing, romanticizing, or further stigmatizing mental health problems can be difficult.

This thread is a wiki, which means that everyone who is trust level 1 or above will be able to add to it and include their favorite stories.

  • Only Promote Good Quality Stories – We need to make sure that all of the stories on here have good directing, scripting, and depict mental health issues in an accurate and respectful way to keep up the standard so that people continue to trust recommendations.
  • Only stories including the theme of mental health awareness here, please! There are several stories that have a mental health issue as a subplot, but the story is not focused on mental health itself. There will be other threads for other types of stories.
  • Keep the format the same – Title of the story, mental health area it addresses, and the link to the story. Please collapse these by clicking “Settings” then “Hide Details”.
  • Make sure to add the link to the story — We want to make this as easy as possible for people to find the stories they want to read.
  • Only One Person Editing At A Time – It should tell you when you open the editor how many people are editing. PLEASE DON’T EDIT IF SOMEONE ELSE IS EDITING . They’ll lose their stuff.

Mental Health Awareness Stories

Speak by J. Miley

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety.
Episode Writer Portal

Loving Me by Jewels

Episode Writer Portal

Fire & Ice by Toph

Eating Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Wasted Roses by Genevive Marshall

Depression & Suicide
Episode Writer Portal

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Hey @Some_Kid, know any good mental health Episode stories?

“I need a Therapist” by Clementine

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Really? What’s it’s about?

Its about a learning therapist and an interesting college student with a mysterious past . It talks about how important therapy and the li has a mental illness. You don’t know what it is until later in the story but its treated with the respect it deserves.

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Oooh… interesting. Do you have a link?


I love that story!


Wicked. Thanks.

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This was in my drafts so I thought I should post it :eyes:

@Episodians Do any of you know more mental health stories on Episode that we could add to the wiki?


No, not really my genre…


Maybe @WritingWithStars might know some?

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Running Away by fw.episode is pretty good!
The Day I Drowned by stargirl <3 as well.

Manic Maddox

Really good and have point system BTW

I recommend to collect heart points!

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