Episode Writers: How to Get Story Reads

This is a nice long one this time. It’s all about how to gain reads on your Episode stories. But don’t worry if you’re not actually a writer on Episode, as still many parts of this blog can apply to other writing, like Wattpad or RPs. These are things such as being active, Instagram, be reviewed, etc.

Do any of these techniques work for you or will you try any?


These are great tips! I’m going to try the one about updating on Thursday, right after the art update. Having an Instagram and supporting other authors’ stories is helpful. There are a lot of stories I’ve discovered from screenshots that people have posted of the stories they’re reading.
Asking for reviews is a great way to gain new readers, as well as improve your story! Especially if you submit your reviews to an Instagram review account that has a lot of followers and support.

One that isn’t mentioned in the article and has rarely worked for me is doing or requesting Read for Reads. It only worked with one author who actually became a big supporter of my story, but more often than not, people who request R4Rs only read your story just so you can read theirs, and they usually only post a screenshot of how many chapters they’ve read, not of their favorite moments in the story. They don’t even give feedback, so I don’t consider this helpful at all.


Yes, I can’t stand read for reads either. It’s just people trying to get reads for their story the heard way rather than trying to actually make a good story and have people want to read it and comment.


Tips like this can be super helpful, it can be super hard to get reads without having any strategy or advice for it. I’m not super interested in actually promoting a story, because I always feel too awkward doing it and don’t like my own writing, but the advice is incredibly useful. An Episode instagram account could be really useful, since there’s a large episode audience on there, and the formatting definitely works well to show pictures and videos of your stories. I also know that I enjoy reading stories from my friends, although I don’t do that often, and it’s not necessarily a super reliable way to do that. Being active is always useful, since it really works the best for promoting things and getting an audience.

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