ERD: The Only Episode Featured Story I Actually Like

Granted, I haven’t read all of them. I also like the earlier Episode feature stories before they did cliches.

But hey! Let’s discuss. Full steam ahead, there definitely will be spoilers.


Pembrook Prep
Genre: Drama
Author: Episode Writer Jade
Current number of episodes: 9 (I’ve read all nine but keep in mind the story isn’t finished yet)

A Run Down of the Plot
So basically this girl loses her mother to a car accident then moves in with her father who only recently came into her life. He has two daughters one good one bad. I think the bad one’s name is Vanessa. And there are basically two guys one who is kind of a “bad boy” and the other who is kind/quiet and not a rule breaker. The quiet one, Tyler, is taken by Vanessa.

Why I Like It
Now, let’s get this straight. It likely isn’t any different than any of the other featured stories. It is bland, probably watered down from an amazing story. That’s what episode featured stories seem to do. It’s simple and there isn’t really any world-building. They regularly go to school but the thing the school is even used for is for this guy to have dances and invite people to it constantly. That’s one character’s whole personality “You throw a great party”.
So yes, there are flaws.
But I like it because of the LI. I’m not talking about Tyler. I’ll probably go on a rant about how I’d never pick Tyler in a million years.
Colin. He’s the “bad boy”. But I love it.
When I was first reading this, and Karen (that’s what I called her lol) moved to her new home, she came across Colin kinda wandering around on his bike. I like it because they seem more real than other stories that I’ve read. They have boring conversations and have a little bit of a back and forth going between them. But you can tell that they both like each other. Karen tells Colin he’s a bad boy, and then Colin says that he’s been called a lot of things. It’s just kinda subtle the way they work and I really like that. He’s really there for her when she is feeling alone/different and he must feel that way as well which is why he tries to talk to her when she is. He understands her.
They’re also on equal footing. I hate when in Episode stories the LI is always right or better than or saves the MC. The man is more dominant. Or woman. But here, yeah even though it’s kind of bland there’s a subtly to it and the characters are equal.
Yes, there are cliches. I hate when you feel like the MC is stuck between the two. For these stories, since they are bland you can be creative with it in your mind so I just thought of Colin as the one love interest, and Tyler as the friend stuck in a bad relationship who is in love with the MC.
There are lots of free choices. They probably don’t have an impact, but I always with these have a certain vision of who the character is and what they’d actually say. For example, Karen (Lol named her that myself) is ultimately kind but not afraid to say what she wants to say. She’s honest. She also has morals and won’t even flirt with Tyler or see him as an option when he is with Vanessa.

And speaking of Tyler
He’s not an sshole, he’s actually kind and sweet. However he’s with Vanessa and I’d never choose him because even though their relationship sucks, it’d be weird to date your sister’s boyfriend and have him come over all the time to be with you or something. Yeah, Vanessa is a btch, but Karen isn’t. In my mind it would have been wrong for her to date Tyler and not consider Vanesssa and her feelings. Yeah, she’s a terrible person but she has feelings. And when you’re already in a new family and trying to form a relationship with them… yeah no. Tyler can be a friend, that makes sense. But never a boyfriend. Plus I feel like Karen is more like Colin and that’s why I ship them lol. They’re both chill, speak their minds and they’re both kind.

There are some more cliche things that are bad like how it’s centered around prom and Karen has to settle things between Tyler and Colin it is actually kind of nice.

What do you think?

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I’m also gonna totally write something kinda inspired by this. Obviously not the plot lol. I just really love the idea of the love interest being a bit of a bad boy/is misunderstood and walks around and finds MC.

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I’ve been reading this story actually and there are a lot more glitches than I thought- like I met Colin outside the house but then the backgrounds switched to a different one and two seconds later the sister came in, even though she was supposed to be at the mall and I had stayed at home. I still got all the fancy outfits that I had to pay for even though I didnt-

But i agree, Colin’s better. Much better. Tyler’s taken. That’s it.

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Yikes. Yeah same for me. I didn’t pay for anything tho. I don’t use gem choices for these things.
Tbh Colin is my favorite Episode Featured LI.

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I’m only reading for gem choices in a different story.
But yeah, Colin’s pretty great

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I love how chill he is, except for when he does 180 and they just make him like angry/jealous. We know that that isn’t the real Colin lol.

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massive fan of how it’s title is shortened to PP :grinning:

that was all i had to add. anyway, i might check it out for gems, if it’s better than the other features.


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