Evolution of all the different Consoles

Hey guys!

This is a thread where we will be looking at the evolution of all the different gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and all the Nintendo things!

I shall start with PlayStation

Now, the website I’m using doesn’t seem to include the PSvita or the PSP and I’m unsure where they would fit into the timeline personally but for anyone wondering, those are the handheld consoles they released!

It’s also worth mentioning that this list isn’t exactly Chronological, if you want to read more here is my source. The source has far more information than I will be giving so please read those!

Original Playstation

This is the original PlayStation released in 1994!


This is the PSone (PS1) as you can see it’s a smaller version of the original PlayStation model! This was released in 2000!

PlayStation 2

This is the PlayStation 2, it was also released in 2000

The PS2 Slimline was then released in 2004

PlayStation 3


This is the PlayStation 3 released in 2006


This is the PlayStation 3 slim released in 2009

3133106-ps3 super slim

This is the PS3 superslim which was released in 2012

PlayStation 4

3133107-ps4 console

This is the PlayStation 4 released in 2013

3133108-ps4 slim

This is the PlayStation 4 slim released in 2016

3133110-ps4 pro

This is the PS4pro alsp released in 2016

PlayStation 5

This is the most recent PlayStation released in 2020

Next we’ll look at Nintendo!

The source for this is here once again, please read it as it has far more information than I will be giving, I’m basically only giving a picture and the dates.

Once again, the website I’m using doesn’t mention certain handheld things so an honourable mention to the DS, the DS lite, the DSi, the 3DS and the 2DS. Also the XL versions of those.

Hand held Nintendo consoles

Before anyone says I missed the Wii U, it’s in the Wii tab

Color TV-game


This is the color TV-game released in 1977

Family Computer


This is the Family Computer released in 1983


This is the Family Computer Disk System released in 1986

Twin Famicom


This is the Twin Famicom released in 1986

Nintendo Entertainment System


This is the NES which was released in 1985


This is a smaller version released in 1993

Super Famicon


This is the Super Famicom released in 1990

Super Nintendo Entertainment System


This is the Super Nintendo released in 1991


This is a different model released in 1997

Nintendo 64


This is the Nintendo 64 released in 1996


This is the 64DD released in 1999



This is the GameCube released in 2001

Panasonic Q


This is the Panasonic Q which was released in 2001



This is the Nintendo Wii, released in 2006


This is the Wii Mini released in 2012

3187097-wii u

This is the Wii U released in 2012

Nintendo Switch


This is the Nintendo Switch released in 2017


This is the Nintendo Switch lite released in 2019


This is the Switch OLED set to release this year (2021)

The evolution of Microsoft’s Xbox

The source for all of this can be found here so please give that a read! I know a lot less about Xbox so I don’t know if any are missing but here we are! The website linked also has information about the controllers released with each system!

Honourable mention to the Kinect which is talked about on the website but I wanna focus more on the consoles as opposed to add ons :eyes:


3253152-xbox original

This is the original Xbox released in 2001

Xbox 360

This is the Xbox 360 released in 2005

This is the Xbox 360 elite releases in 2007

This is the Xbox 360 arcade also released in 2007

This is the Xbox 360 S released in 2010

This is the Xbox 360 E releases in 2013

Xbox one


This is the Xbox one released in 2013

3253167-xbox one s

This is the Xbox one S released in 2015


This is the Xbox one X that came out in 2017

So @Gamers and @Discussions

Feel free to discuss these consoles and here are some questions!

  • Do any of these pictures make you nostalgic?
  • Did you or do you have any of these consoles?
  • What do you think of the evolution?
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WOW! They’re all so different… yet… not really either.

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Yeah! I feel like when looking at the evolutions in terms of design they’re not dramatically different from one to the other

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Nah, they’re not. The basic components are the same, it’s just the change of design.

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Especially with the fact some of them are basically just smaller version of the others

Also I guess in terms of brand image they probably didn’t want to go radically different, as well as technology in the earlier times being more restricted :joy: god all the chunky Nintendo consoles though

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Yeah, true. Though not too chunky, 'cause that colour TV one looks smaller than a Switch now.

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I have no idea what the scale that image is or even how that thing works :joy: but you do have a good point!

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Fun Fact

The SNES and NES games live on, if you pay for Nintendo Switch Online then you get access to the emulated versions!

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HAHAHA. That’s true. Hmm… wait up…

Oh, they were quite big, 'cause that’s a gameboy nextdoor.

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Oh my lord :joy:

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Yeah, what’s really funny is that I should have realised. 'Cause one of my mum’s best friends from school bought (a year or two ago) something similar for their kids (15 and 9). It was already setup to plug into their modern TV too but with all the old games.

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I should look at what games you could even get on it tbh :joy:

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HAHAHA! Yeah, you should. I think the one they have has over 100 games. I watched them play Tetris.

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I do just want to say that I remember the mini wii being advertised :joy: what a throwback

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The mini wii? Is that the red one?

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Yup :joy: I do like that red though tbh

Although the Wii I have is black which is also pretty rad

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What about the 3Ds?

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Or Dsi?

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I did mention in the OP that for some reason the website didn’t list handheld consoles

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Oohh, whoops.

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