Experimentation of health/beauty products on animals

Animal testing is a very controversial issue in the world of health and beauty products. The practise of testing products on animals began as a way for companies to ensure that their products were safe for human use without having to put people in danger. Generally, the decision of whether or not to test on animals is left up to the cosmetics companies themselves and in recent years, many consumers have started boycotting companies who aren’t against testing on animals.

  • What do you think about the experimentation of health and beauty products on animals?
  • Does your opinion towards it influence the products/brands you buy?



I think it’s cruel and probably unnecessary. I understand not wanting to test it on humans just in case, but testing it on animals and something bad happening isn’t any better in my opinion.

Not really, don’t get me wrong, it really is bad. But it’s not really something that would deter me from buying a certain product


I don’t think it’s totally ethical and it can harm the animals, which is wrong.


It’s wrong and there are better ways than using animals to test products for humans.

Yes, I searched for a list of products that weren’t tested on animals and only buy those.

@Health @BeautyEssentials What do you think about experimentation on animals?