Explain Wattpad to Someone Who Doesn’t Know Anything About it

I barely know anything about Wattpad, and I’m certain I am not the only one here in that boat. All I know really is that it is somewhere people can write and publish written stories.

@WattpadWizards could you possibly give us some of your Wattpad knowledge and explain what Wattpad is and how it works?


Alrighty, wall of text incoming.

Wattpad is one of the largest online publishing platforms on the web, but I wouldn’t say it’s the necessarily the best place to publish your work/get readers due to saturation and how much they’ve been pushing monetisation recently. (If you go to their home page while signed in, you’ll notice that they try to shove Paid Stories down your throat.)

Writing and publishing is fairly simple: you make an account, create a ‘work’, add a cover, a blurb, and story tags, then create chapters and upload them. It has RTF (allows you to bold, italicise, underline, and align your text) and allows for images to be inserted with text, and you can attach external links, youtube videos and images into chapter headers if you’re on PC.

Note: you should tag your stories with its genre and sub-genre. The My Works page will ask for a genre when creating a story, but it doesn’t actually show this to the public anywhere.

Getting exposure, however, is the hard part. The algorithms that push recommendations (supposedly) favour stories that are updated regularly, but readers (apparently) prefer to read stories that are complete. The general advice given to writers publishing new stories on Wattpad is to upload 1-2 times a week and to keep your chapters between 1-2.5k words long (I, personally, have never followed this though). Once you have finished publishing you can apply to be featured or to be added to the reading lists of Wattpad Official accounts to get your stories out to more people.

Getting your story out there relies heavily on the snowball effect - i.e. the more reads you have on your story, the more it gets pushed to other people. Wattpad has a system that ‘ranks’ books within their tags. The more engagement you get within a certain time period, the higher your rank will be and the easier it will be for readers to find it through Search. If your story ranks within the top 1000 of any tag, it will display it on your book/profile.

Unfortunately, no one knows exactly how the ranking algorithms compare books to determine what position they rank in, but in general, the more reads/votes/comments you get, the higher your rank will be. If you have period of low or zero engagement, your rank will drop. Ranking in a large or commonly searched tag (e.g. a general genre) will usually get you more reads.

Stories written by people who participated in the Forums/Clubs tended to gain reads/exposure a lot quicker than other stories since other writers would often check out your books and you could do R4R to artificially inflate your story’s metrics, but since Wattpad has now nuked them, getting readers has been/will be a lot harder.

In terms of what stories tend to do well: the big genres on Wattpad are Romance and Werewolf. Young/new adult females are the largest demographic on the site, so stories that cater to their interests usually do well. After that, I believe it’s Fantasy then Mystery-Thriller.

I think I’ve covered most of the basics. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask :+1:


You covered everything! :joy:


I did my best :wink:


Are any newcomers interested in Wattpad?


Well, I can give a short explanation: It’s a platform where people can write or read stories and other written works.

@WattpadWizards Any better, more interesting explanations? :smile_cat:

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