Extracurricular activities

Some of the best parts of school happen outside of school hours! Most schools offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities and you can always find something you’re interested in. Are you or were you in any extracurriculars at school? What kinds of clubs/extracurricular activities does your school offer?

I’m a part of the concert choir at my school, as well as the jazz band and show choir. I also occasionally drop into the GSA meetings when I’m able.


I go to this college program one day a week after school for 2 hours, but we do it virtually now cuz of the virus.

My school doesn’t have any fancy extra curricular activities. Most of them are made for jocks :yawning_face: I’m a couch potato, so I don’t wanna do sports. I wish my school had more options.

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Extra curricular activities are not a thing where I live. Doing sports and instruments and stuff is something you do on your free time and usually have to pay for yourself (not connected to the school). They’re fun though! :dizzy:


I’m part of the school choir, and was also forced to pick at least 2 activities, so I chose art, design and media and communication.

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In high school I was on the student council (though I wasn’t really involved with much in my last year of high school. One upperclassman that doesn’t speak up much, trying to deal with a bunch of sophomores doesn’t work well… So I didn’t have really any control over anything like I did before.)

Then I was in the club for Mock Trial. I would have been a witness the first year I did it, but things kinda fell apart somehow and we didn’t compete. But in my last year of high school I was one of the defense lawyers and it was sooo fun.

For my last two years of high school I was in the yearbook club. So I got to help make the yearbooks for my sophomore and junior/senior years.

Each of those 3 met during lunch, since we had a 45 minute lunch break.

In 9th grade I was in Science Olympiad which was pretty fun for the one event I was in (which was forensics) though I was just getting over being sick at the time so I felt miserable with a terrible cough. I would have been in it in later years, but we couldn’t gain enough people to do it…

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NHS, I used to do Girl Scouts and before quarantine I stayed after school for art club.

I’ve done modeling for my school talent show last year, I’m in EPIC Theatre Ensemble, which is a theatre program where we recreate/write Shakespeare plays, I was in Anime Club in my last school year, and I’ve done student council. I also plan to join GSA as a senior

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When I was in school drama club didn’t exist for some unknown reasons but now it does so I’m happy about that. Not that I can join because I’m not in high school anymore. :joy:
We had our basketball and volleyball team as well as school choir. There was also a debate club or something like that but I don’t know much about it!

My school didn’t have extracurricular activities screw them it was a sh-tty school now that I think of it

Haha btw, one school I went to did have activities outside of school hours but the students arranged it themselves and lead it. They were more like clubs and I did join the music club and the dance club. I quit the music club… I don’t remember why, I just didn’t like it. I did stay in the dance club. The leaders were super good and awesome teachers.

Have you ever joined a club at school?


Yes, four in the span of three years. :eyes:

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What clubs? :sparkles:

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I was in a few for a bit, but I didn’t stick with any of them :sunglasses:

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