Face Claims, PFP, Character Images, cute practice drawing images thread!

So this thread is for people to request images from the paint by number apps I play on. If you are following me on Instagram then you already know I post my images from these apps on there. You can request for images to help with practicing to draw, face claims for RP’s, pfp’s that you want but aren’t episode related and puctures to put on your profile sections. Lastly, you can use the images to help you with how a character could look like from your stories! I know, I have an addiction plus it helps me stay calm.

Paint By Number Apps
Coloring Book

Categories: Featured, Specials, Animals, Nature, Flower, Character, Festival, Mandalas, Editor’s Choice, Food, Art, Cartoon, Pattern, Words, Horoscope, and Poly


Categories: Animals, Zoo, Cats, Pets, Ornaments, Easy, Hard, Oil Painting, People, and Nature


**Categories:**Character, Butterfly, Love, Travel, Nature, Daily Life, Animal, Fantasy, Flower, Food, Doodles, and Mandala

Art Coloring

Categories: Special, Jigsaw, Bonus, People, Animals, Flowers, LifeStyle, Mandala, Scenery, Cartoon, and Others

April Coloring

Categories: Garden Summer, City Life, On the Trail, Independence Day 2020, Country Life, Touch of Orient, Vintage, Town, Best Friend, Forest, USA Fourth of July, Cat’s Nature, Art Masterpieces, Underwater, Romantic, Summer Break, and In the Sky


Categories: Special, Jigsaw, People, Animal, Flower, Mandala, Landscape, and Bird


Categories: Exclusive, Art, Collage, People, Animals, Mandals, Patterns, Nature, Messages, Butterflies, LifeStyle, Traveling, Bouquets, Hard, and Simple

Paint Color

Categories: Special, New, Girl, Love, Wallpaper, Neon, Gift, Animal, Food, Rose, Nature, Flower, Mandala, Butterfly, Others, and Festival


Categories: Holidays, Places, Fruits, Mandalas, Ornaments, and Birds


**Categories:**Youth, People, Flowers, Holidays, Stories, Animals, Kids, Fun, Food, Nature, Travel, Fashion, Mandalas, Marine, Birds, Places, Messages, Butterflies, Unicorns, Patterns, Hearts, and Jigsaw

ColorPlanet:Oil Painting

Categories: Scenery, Fantasy, Animals, Flowers, People, Buildings, Transportation, Food, and Holidays

Color Painting

Categories: Special, Jigsaw, People, Animals, Flowers, LifeStyle, Mandala, Scenery, Cartoon, Foods, and Others

Premium Coloring Book

Categories: Exclusive, Liked, Jigsaw, Popular, Premium, Packs, Missions, and Stories

Paint By Number

Categories: Special, Jigsaw, Wallpaper, Character, Flower, Animal, Mandala, Cartoon, Food, Popular, Culture, Love, Nature, Art, Places, Quotes, Others, and Fashion

Happy Color

Categories: Marvel, Scoob!, Editor’s Choice, Interiors, Featured, Nature, Flowers, Mandalas, Animals, Art, Birds, Blend, Butterflies, Classy, Fantasy, Fashion, Food, Hearts, Hobbies, Holidays, Horoscopes, Marine, Messages, Mosaic, Other, Patterns, People, Places, Rare, Simple, Sport, Tattoo, Vehicles, Stories, and Packs

Cross-Stitch World

Categories: Landscapes, Holidays, Flowers, Color Schemes, Variety Packs, Animals, Sports, Patterns, Places, Famous Paintings, Watercolor, Mystery Packs, Kids, Fantasy, Seasons, Under the Sea, Stained Glass, Castles, Food, Abstract, Space, Words, Anime, Tiles, School, Pop Art, Happily Ever After, Mythical Creatures, Vintage Posters, Portraits, Birthday, Medieval, Cartoons, Steampunk, Superheroes, Angels, Art Nouveau, Alphabet, and Optical Illusion

Diamond Painting

Categories: Fruit, People, Fantasy, Food, Animals, Fashion, Games, Flowers, Holidays, Jewels, Other, Cartoon, Painting, and Marine

Request form:

  1. Put your username down.
  2. Pick which App from the list above interests you.
  3. Pick a category from that app.
  4. If you have a special request like a certain flower, animal, the theme, or places in the request.



Oh! I love those apps!

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Me too!


They’re relaxing!

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Yes, they really are!


@Discussions does anyone want an image?


Sure, I can do that but I just don’t understand the request form

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Maybe, I need to update the request for with this concept.

  1. Put your username down.
  2. Pick which App from the list above interests you.
  3. Pick a category from that app.
  4. If you have a special request like a certain flower, animal, theme then place in the request.


  1. It’s me
  2. Surprise me
  3. Surprise me
  4. Something you think represents me (wink)
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Lol will do then!



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It’s going to be closer to seven before I can do it.


No worries. Take a couple of days if you need to.

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Lol I will get it done today since it doesn’t take much time to color them.


Okay. Cool

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Yep! Almost done with work today.


@CrazyCaliope here it is!


Oooh! I love it! It’s soooo pretty!
I wanna keep going with this, get more with complimentary colours and make a background banner for my profile. Hehe


Lol sounds good to me!


They have images with messages on them too!