Favorite Character You've Ever Written?

Let’s talk about our favorite characters that we’ve written! Why are they our favorites?

There’s a story I wrote years ago about a family that went through a lot of hardships in the small town they were from. My favorite character from that story was the main character’s older brother. He had a lot of layers to him. The first chapter took place thirteen years in the past, and we got to see how the brother was a cheerful boy… until he lost something very important to him.
Flash forward to the present. He’s bitter, hates poverty, and complains a lot. However, he enjoys writing in a diary and has a soft spot for his little brother, who he loves to annoy. He resents his rich relatives for treating him like trash, but realizes that he has more in common with his uncle than he would like to admit.

I really want to rewrite that story eventually.

What about you guys? Do you have a favorite character in particular?


i’m currently writing a horror story and one of my characters named Lia is extremely sassy and funny. She isn’t the main character but she’s still my favourite character i’ve written. She’s based on Gina Linetti from brooklyn 99 so that’s probably why i love writing her dialogue lol.
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Although sadly she gets killed off in the next few chapters so that is going to kill me when i’m writing that scene ;((


I started writing a story some time ago and I haven’t really gotten into creating all characters yet, but for now I really like the MC’s friend. She’s just so innocent and strong at the same time. She can be goofy but also mature in different situations and doesn’t get that affected by all the conflicts around her. I really need to work on her backstory a bit more because I kinda forgot about that when I started writing :sweat_smile:


One of my favourite characters I wrote was in high school, I co-wrote the story with a good friend of mine. We wrote it in classes when we should have been working. My character’s name was Ashleigh-Jane, and her and the story developed so well that this makes her one of my favourite characters.


I loved writing so many characters… it’s hard to choose!

Maybe I should just choose one from each story? Lol…


A character in my Episode story: Roman. I’m actually quite proud of how he turned out. He’s calm, powerful, strong and smart. My favorite part of him is how he’s capable of turning every situation to his advantage. I would consider him the hero-villain, he does bad in order to get some good


Brooks omg if I could rp him again I would 100% hands down!!


My bbg


Episode-wise, I’d have to say Alex/Alec. Even though it isn’t published yet, and the character isn’t in the majority of the story, I love them because they represent a part of who I am as an individual, and they’ll always be my baby in my eyes.

My favorite character, RP character, was Ryder. I tried hard with him and really liked his backstory and personality!

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