Favorite Places to Read

No matter the form of reading, you can read just about anywhere. However, some places are definitely better than others for reading.

What are some of your favorite places to read?
Why are they your favorites?


I live in a smaller apartment so I can’t really pick where I want to read. I usually just read in my bed!

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On my couch or at a cafe/airport lounge. :eyes:

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Bed. I tend to stay awake reading if the book is good.

A pool. I love being in water

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I like comfy chairs :eyes:

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In bed :yellow_heart:

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In my room, it’s mostly silent and I can concentrate

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My room should be cold and quiet, then I can read

Omg I should try that

I would recommend it though water proofing may be needed

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The balcony at my grandma’s house :eyes:

Added the #favourite tag! :sparkles:

In my bed, it’s comfy, warm and I can sit there with my cats without getting disturbed by anything.

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