Favourite anime soundtrack

My favourite is absolutely 100% the Seven Deadly Sins soundtrack, it’s so good especially the song Perfect Time, it’s all just radness incarnate.

@AnimeNerds you guys? :eyes:


It would be the Your Lie in April soundtrack. The classical pieces they’ve picked are golden, and the overall soundtrack matches the anime perfectly.

Other than that, Attack On Titan has a Hans Zimmer-like soundtrack that’s quite nice, particularly YouSeeBIGGIRL/T:T.


I’ve been listening to Devilman Crybaby’s soundtrack and it slaps? I’ve yet to watch the anime because I’m supposed to start it with my boyfriend but I saw a Jujutsu Kaisen M/V with “Smells Blood” playing over it.

I only recently got back into anime after a long break though so I can’t recall many soundtracks… But anything by Hiroyuki Sawano is <3


ID: Invaded was pretty good for the scenes that had music and I liked it

The theme song for this

An epic classic

I honestly really like the soundtrack from Fairy Tail, I think they’re just really my vibe but my heart goes to One Piece’s Hope :flushed:

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has a solid soundtrack. Apart from the unique artstyle, Jojo’s soundtrack really stands out to me. No wonder why they’re used a lot on memes.

Ahhh…Soul Eater!

Scratch that. BNHA by a huge landslide.

I’ve super changed my mind

It’s Jujutsu Kaisen probably

I haven’t found an opening I don’t like.

It super is but I do need to say I love the mha soundtrack too

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Polaris :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Everything in Jojo, the songs are top notch. The character themes? Incredible. OPs? Legendary. EDs? Iconic

The soundtrack for One Punch Man is the big rad

Ahhh, Future Diary!

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Ayyyy someone who loves the Death Parade OP

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