Favourite video game quests

In video games there’s usually main quests and side quests and these can make the game a lot more fun. Especially side quests that help you prolong the game once you’re done with the main stuff :joy:.

I think one of my favourite side quests is the friendly monsters side quest in Final Fantasy 9 just because the music is really cute when you meet a friendly monster and you also get beaten up by the unfriendly monsters on your way to finding them :smiley: it’s just really fun though tbh there isn’t a piece of side content in that game I don’t like.

@Gamers what’s your favourite game quest?

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@Gamers do none of you have a favourite quest?

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I like those age quests in the Sims Freeplay, where you can make your sims grow up :eyes:


My quest to make my soap opera town?

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