Feelings on the last day of vacation/holiday?

Are you usually excited to go back to school on the last day of vacation (or holiday), or do you feel sad that vacation is over?

I’m usually excited to go back after Christmas break and Easter break because I miss my students and some of my work friends and are excited to see them again. And in the summer, I’m excited about the new school year and meeting my new group(s).

As a kid, I was usually excited to go back to school after summer break because I’d be in a new grade. But I usually felt kind of sad when Christmas or spring break was over and I had to go back to school.


i am never, ever excited to go back.

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I am that one girl that gets really excited about the first day of school and I can’t wait to go and buy new notebooks! I’d always be happy because I did love my school and classmates :blush:

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I’m always sad for the last day of week-long breaks. They don’t last long enough for me to decompress usually, so I’m always sad about that.

However, after summer vacation I start to not actively hate having to return to school and stop the mental atrophy

It definitely sucks, because the next day is a school day. And time passes so far, you know you have to face it eventually but you just can’t accept the fact that time has passes so soon.


The last day of breaks and knowing that school is starting again sucks… it can be cool to start a new school year, but the overall feeling is sadness over having to go back to the busyness of school and schoolwork. I just always wish the break could have been longer. More time to just relax and decompress from the time prior to the break.

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