Fighting Fake News With Nebula

Some of you might already know that I am a huge fan of Fabula Storytelling Cards. I have a few packs for myself (along with the public speaking cards and the creativity deck) and I use them to help me plan my own stories!

I made a thread on how I plan my stories and it heavily features Fabula Storytelling Cards!

Well, the people who created Fabula have currently got a free deck of cards that you can download to combat fake news! You can print them off when reading a news article and it will help you to decide if the source is credible or not.

It is called Nebula and I am already in love with it! I just hope that they will release a hard copy version soon because I much prefer using proper cards! But you should definitely pick up your own deck ASAP!


That’s interesting

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I’m going to check this put now!

Awesome! Do it while it’s free :wink:

I love them! They really help you to analyse what you’re reading. I think if everyone in the UK had a copy of this before the last general election, Jeremy Corbyn would be Prime Minister because we’d get rid of all the “he’s anti-Semitic” fake news

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Then they tried it on Bernie in the US and he was like “dude… I am Jewish”

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Lol that is so true! It was funny when they tried that. I actually grew fond of Bernie this past candidate campaign runs. I wish he had stayed in instead of Biden.

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I will check it out today then!

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I love these!

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They’re great, right? :smiley:

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Yes! And they make it so easy to analyse fake news and the instructions are pretty easy to read and understand. I was so impressed that I just had to take a look at their other products.

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