Films that Have a Special Meaning to You

What films have a special sentimental or nostalgic meaning to you? Did you watch them when you were younger and they stuck with you? Do they just resonate with you in a special way? Let’s share!

An important one for me is Tangled. I’m actually not sure why it resonates with me quite as much as it does, but it has a very special place in my heart! I can watch that film over and over again and it’ll always cheer me up!


I’m not too sure… I’m trying to think of ones that do. I know I have them but can’t think of many right now.

I would have to say the Free Willy films, as well as other wild animal film 'cause I always have good memories of my Grandad. I love him and those films are really cool and cute.
As for films that have also made me happy, since childhood, they’d be Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Drop Dead Fred, and James and the Giant Peach!


The road to el dorado (Disney) ugh I loved it as a child!!


I loved the relationship between the main two characters, it makes the movie such fun to watch! Their responses are also highly entertaining to the situations they end up in (no spoilers)


Mattel’s version of the twelve dancing princesses.

Kinda helped me imagine a place away from bullies and toxic people.

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any barbie movie tbh


The movie Aquamarine because it reminds me of my childhood. Every time I hear the music it makes me feel nostalgic and happy. The ending song in Tangled also makes me feel nostalgic.

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Pete’s Dragon. It’s terrible because it’s a genuinely terribly animated movie and watching it as an adult is super embarrassing but it’s a super heart warming story of a little boy (Pete) who is an orphan and is living with some genuinely terrifying hillbillies. He has an adorable dragon who cares about him, protects him and eventually helps him escape the scary hillbillies. He is found by Nora (the best human) played by Helen Reddy who is a light house keeper and teacher who lives and adopts him but she has a broken heart because her fiancé is lost at sea. Enter the bad Doctor Terminus who finds out about Pete’s Dragon and naturally wants to capture him and butcher him for dragon parts so he can get rich (yup children’s movie.) The scary hill billies team up with the bad doctor to capture Pete and Dragon so they can each get what they want (a child slave and dragon parts respectively). Nora helps the dragon escape who single handedly rescues Pete, and lights the broken light in the lighthouse to bring Noras fiancée safely home. Then the dragon goes to help another child in need a la Mary Poppins but scaley and green. Pete lives happily ever after with Nora and fiancée.
I mainly like this movie because it’s a story of finding acceptance even when you’re very much not normal and feeling very alone. Resonated with 8 year old me lol. Also the songs and dragon were adorable.

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  1. Wonder: teaches about friendship, family, bullying, love, appearance, etc. I loved the movie, and it really was very emotional, share some really good important messages.

Omg yes, Free Willy, loved that film, teaches about animals taken away from their habitat to a place for entertainment (like a prison), I love it when the boy wanted to set Willy free and he didn’t do it alone, that’s freedom, etc.

I love Tangled, good characters, awesome comedy, makes me happy all the time.

  1. Let’s not FORGET PRINCESS AND THE FROG. CHARLOTTE AND TIANA, LOOK AT THEM!!! THAT RIGHT HERE IS A HUGE LIFE LESSON. Look at the difference of their life, where they live, what they do for a living. Messages are all about love, friendship, hard work, family, etc. I really love that film.

  2. Beauty Shop with Queen Latifah, so that movie is a really nice one, see like when you have a talent at something, make a business, do things for you, and like u don’t have to work for anyone, make your own money from doing something that interests you. It’s all going to take hard work, determination, confidence, etc.


omg I remember this film, i think I watched it in primary school, that fim is old and it is still amazing. Other films like:

  • Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
  • Shark Tale
  • Peter Pan (the human one)
  • Never Ending Story

I really need to see Wonder.

YES. But you only like one of the films?
Yeah, it just goes to show that animals should remain in their own environment so long as it is possible.

Yes and yes! I’ve rewatched it about three or four times in the past year. Ha

YES! Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, not the silly Charlie & the Chocolate Factory where Johnny Depp tried to impersonate Michael Jackson.


I think there was 2 right?


Nah, there’s three.

Wait, I just looked it up after posting this, to make sure there’s only three. Nah, there’s four, however, the fourth seems to be a completely separate film to this trilogy.


well damn, I only watched 1.

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yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssss lol

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I love it and it deals with race and segregation in a lighter way which is great for children. It’s a good film to show them and tell them about racial injustice. Also, the songs and cast are iconic.

Special mention to the Book of Life, Strange Magic and the Princess and the Frog. I’ve watched them films about 50 times each lol

They are so nostalgic. My favourite song was Look How High We Can Fly.


I’m watched about 90% of these movies tbh

Edit: I think it may be more…


Movies like Boys in the Hood, and Freedom Writers

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I don’t think I have any movies that have a special meaning to me…

but my fav movie is Lion King

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Hmm… off the top of my head I can’t think of any super special meaning films but…

I watched Forrest Gump around 2-3 years back on an airplane. I don’t cry easily, but boy oh boy did I have it coming.

I cried 3 separate times during that movie.

(SPOILERS: Bubba’s death, Forrest’s Mom’s death, and Jenny’s death.)

So… yep- that was a great movie. Would re-watch it right now in a heartbeat.

Recently, I’ve been curious about watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and maybe The Breakfast Club?