First in your YT recommendation 👀😂

I think it’s similar to a game lol? :joy:

BUT BASICALLY. You must show us your first recommended videos on Youtube as soon as you open the app…let’s see what weird videos you be watching… :joy:

AND here’s the catch as well… as time goes on… maybe you can wait two days after you post your first we see how it changed overtime. Lol. Hopefully people interect…
So if you decide to do this for more than one day the format for each indivisual post is

Day 1… (IMAGE) (And then maybe comment on it lol. Or an excuse. :eyes:)

Day 2…(IMAGE) (And then maybe comment on it lol. Or an excuse. :eyes:)

Day 3… (IMAGE) (And then maybe comment on it lol. Or an excuse. :eyes:)

I’ll tag some people I think might have weird videos as their recommended… :sweat_smile:


@OmgItzVolly @Foxflash @AS007 @Ouijaloveletters @courtana @L.C.R @Divcp @CrazyCaliope @Nil @Bonswayout @OhSumana @Meekepeek @Mouschi @celestialkitten @E_bee @Soleil @SpookySherry


Here’s mine…

Did I do this right? Lol

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Also added #youtube tag :sparkles:

I dunno … Usually when you open the app after it not being opened previously it gives you a recommended, it should also have that label so you can see that it’s suggested lol.

Uhh lol sure - day1? :alien:

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I’ve been exposed of my obsession :sob:

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Is this s’posed to be a forum gam?

Kinda lol idrk.

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The first one… :joy:

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I’ve never opened YouTube on my phone before, so I guess that’s what it picked up on from my forum GCs :eyes:

lol this is mine

Lol day2?

The second one. :joy:

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The top three are suspicious… :rofl:

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Moved to #role-plays-and-games:forum-games

Of course it would be this! :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:
I mean, it’s not like I listen to that song all that often… :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


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Lol here is my first few videos.

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