Folders: Why They're Better Than Exercise Books - Shani's Tutoring

@Bloggers have you guys ever had to think of which is better?


I needed this :sneezing_face:
Thank you

We call these binders! Otherwise I was gonna heavily disagree. My literature teacher heavily uses binders and requires us to use them as well. I’ll use them throughout college and when I teach.

We don’t use workbooks, the only time we use books is when we’re reading a specific one. We’re doing poetry and she prints out/copies specific poems from her books instead of having us get them. Our binders are HUGE!

It’s binders on binders on binders…
I’ll include a quote from my teacher here, “It’s binders on binders on binders, y’all!”
She’s not southern btw, I just live in a state where we’re a mix of southern and not southern, so a lot of people even if you’re not southern use southern slang.

I’m bad at organization, but even if you don’t organize your binder at all it’s a lot more organized than literally anything else. Since you hole punch stuff—it won’t go flying everywhere!

Oh, and in terms of organization, I put all new things in front of the old things. That’s the only way I can do it because if I’m working on something, it’s easier to pull up and if I’ve recently used something and need to reference back I can do that! Any other way would be tedious and confusing.

Tbh rad as folders are, they take up so much more space than workbooks and they end up far heavier, plus they can break pretty easily. But I understand Shannii’s reasoning it’s a very well thought out blog post I’m just more used to exercise books.