Food classes in school

Did any of you have food classes at school where you would learn to cook?

My school did but they were only mandatory until year 9. Did I enjoy it? Lol no. We never had enough time to make what the teacher wanted us to. Baring in mind sparing time for the demonstration and the cleaning up. We had an hour, most of the things she wanted us to cook took 20 minutes in the oven and around 20 minutes to prepare (10 minute demonstration, 10 minute cleaning) that all fits into an hour right? wrong if the teacher got delayed that would mean the demonstration over ran which would make me stressed and rush the food.

The ingredients were also vague and there was never enough of each thing. We had to make apple crumble with barely any sugar? Ew, I don’t like it anyway but still ew. But saying “add a bit of this” did not help me.

Specific. Freakin. Measurements. Please!

Also most of the food we made was just gross anyway and not something I would eat :joy: she said “when you’re students at uni you’ll love this”

No Miss, I hate quiche, have always hated quiche and when I go to uni that will not change.

I’m all for promoting healthy eating but how about healthy food that tastes good?

Not to mention the too wet too dry incident

Me: Mixing something
Teacher: Nah that’s too wet
Me: adds flour
Teacher: Nah that’s too dry
Me: adds water
Teacher: Oh you’ve ruined it now I don’t even know what that is
Me in my head: Carry on annoying me and it will be your new hat :slightly_smiling_face:
Me in real life: cries

Anyway I hope your experiences were better than mine :joy:




I had baking class only in 10th grade
They were fine but a bit annoying
I just would have preferred if they just gave us a free period or something to bake at home because baking in groups plus with like twenty people in a room is bloody annoying and the number of times I wanted to slap someone dead with a spatchula was so damn high.
But food is tasty so that was the only reason I never pushed my classmates into the oven :tipping_hand_woman:t5::clap:t5:


Nope, our educational system is very different


One in middle school but that was mandatory. :eyes:

In HS you can get pastry classes, world cooking classes, american cuisine classes and a few others. My elective is world cooking though, but there’s a chance I won’t get in.


I took Food class in 10th grade, and it was one of my favorite subjects that year. We always worked in teams of 4, and most of the things we made were delicious.
We learned how to make omelets, cookies, pies, casseroles, international dishes, biscuits, and more.
Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed cooking.


I liked the class and the fact that we got to cook but THE TEACHER OMGGG, she just needed to stfu sometimes. She was so annoying.


we don’t have thattttttttt
i wanna learn new cookinggggg

i took home ec this year, CORONA CANCELED OUR RICE BABY PROJECT :angry:

Teach yourself :sunglasses: I believe in you

i have a tendency to burn things cos i like toasty :confounded:

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There is a culinary class at my school, but I’ve never taken it :sweat_smile::rose::two_hearts:

Cooking electives? Never once had one and I’m about to finish high school next year… I think you gave me a good idea for student council sis.

But I’d like to have cooking classes in school and do think they should be more common.


Nope! I think that if they were done well, they would be a good idea, although it’s kind of hard to make them work well.

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Mine isn’t mandatory until year nine but I’ve been in a Nine year cooking class and it was bloody annoying. I had to work on my own as a punishment for showing too much attitude towards the teacher. I had no problem with it until that b*tch decided to shatter every shred of self confidence I had. She kept telling me to go by the book and when I did do it she’d complain about too little or too much. Like **tch stfu!

We have a food class from grade 10 - 12 but it’s called Hospitality and Tourism. I’m not sure why lol. In Grade 9, manyyy people wanted to take Hospitality for Grade 10. I would’ve because I love eating food, but I’m not a fan of making it. Besides, I didn’t have enough electives lol, even after planning to take Civics and Careers (required to graduate) in summer school.

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I haven’t take any food classes in school, they only teach the girls who are studying on how to be a housewife, yes, it’s a legit and important subject here. It’s called living skills.


Ye, we had a long list of electives to choose from. :sweat_smile:

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I’m not even kidding. They teach you how to cook, and how to use the sewing machine, and the different type of ways for you to sew. It’s an important subject that will affect your next year.


Interesting :eyes: