For you, who is the most recognizable\your favorite anime VA?

For me, the most recognizable anime VAs are Todd Haberkorn, Jamie Marchi and J. Michael Tatum. Todd voices Natsu Dragneel, Death the Kid, and many others. Jamie voices Junko Enoshima, Liz Thompson, Yu Takeyama(Mt Lady), Cana Alberona, ect. J. Michael Tatum voices Iida Tenya, Kyoya Ootori, Sebastian Michaelis, ect. @AnimeNerds, tell me your favorite\most recognizable VAs, and some of the characters they voice!

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Its not anime but zima’s voice from arknights

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Shunsuke Takeuchi is oddly recognisable to me, despite being INSANELY TALENTED as a voice actor
if you have not heard of him, here’s a trailer that displays some of his range as a voice actor

here are some more examples of his range:
Live Performance of Friend Like Me
his singing range goes from this to this
(also he isn’t just a VA, he’s also a musician and you should really check him out)
some of his fans have taken to call him an EDM machine
i could gush about him forever, he’s amazing

among other favourites there’s the Sawashiro siblings, Miyuki and Chiharu (Chiharu also has a band and it’s real nice), Daisuke Hirose (who also has an insane range) and Wataru Hatano

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I’ll take a look.

Ahh, Maxey Whitehead! She voices Crona in Soul Eater, Juuzou Suzuya in Tokyo Ghoul and Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Brittney Karboski voices Pride from FMA Brotherhood, Black Star from Soul Eater, Wendy Marvel from Fairy Tail and Edward “Eddie” Mason from Angels of Death, as well as others.

Whoever voices the English voice for Elizabeth from Seven Deadly Sins, she’s in everything

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Erica Harlacher! She voices Venti in Genshin Impact, Shinobu from Demon Slayer and Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter.

Justin Briner voices Hanako in Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, and I nearly screamed.

Johnny Young-Bosch voices Izaya Orihara from Durarara!! and an unknown character from Bungo Stray Dogs. I nearly had a conniption fit when I heard him in BSD.
He also voiced Lelouch in Code Geass, Yukio Okamura in Blue Exorcist, and Sasori in Naruto, as well as a lot more. I’m freaking out, lol.

He is such a famous VA
He even voices video game characters

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God, he does such a good job as Izaya. His voice is just…phew.

David Vincent voices Sakunosuke Oda from BSD, Kento Nanami from Jujutsu Kaisen, Gilgamesh from the Fate series, and Phinks from HxH, as well as others.

Amber Lee Connors voices Pieck Finger from Attack on Titan, Emi Fukukado\Mrs. Joke From My Hero Academia, Chica From Five Nights at Freddy’s, Kurumi Saijo from Wonder Egg Priority, Diantha From Pokémon Evolutions, Nagi Yoshino and Mei Mei From Jujutsu Kaisen, as well as others.


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