Forum Island Disc: Sofia

This week our forum Island disc star is @sofia you have until the end of the week to send me at least 7 songs. You can send as many as you want.


Ooh, yay! I’ll send some later since it’s currently 4:51 AM and I’m tired :joy:

Do I just send any songs that I like? It’s been a while since I’ve read the description or whatever it was on the other post.


Any songs you like :grin:

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Ok! Do I just send the song or do I need a description for it or anything?

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You can just send the songs on their own if you don’t wanna put a story behind it :sunglasses:

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Ok, thanks! I might do that for some songs and maybe I’ll explain some, I’ll see later

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Ok, wait, so I just thought I’d actually share one already

I love Glee, I just finished rewatching it like a few days ago and this is probably one of the best songs on Glee, like this cover. (Because idk the last time I listened to the original) It’s my most recent favorited song on Spotify lol


Lol here’s another song

I’m listening to it right now, I have it favorited on Spotify and it’s also in one of my playlists. Lol, when I listen to it I get motivated and it just makes me want it all like the title says :joy:

And here’s another one:

I like it and I found it on a playlist on Spotify.

Also, someone post because I can’t post again so I’ll just have to keep making edits to this post lol


Wait what’s a forum island disc

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Basically you sign up for it then I put you in a spinner. If you get chosen you get to send me songs which will be put into a playlist on our YouTube Channel.

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Here’s another song:

I’m listening to it rn, it’s kind of a sad song for me for some reason though

I also like this song:

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@sofia just a reminder :grin:


How much longer do I have? I’m going to try to send in a lot more songs!

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You have until Sunday!

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Ahh, I forgot about this! I’ll get my songs in today, hopefully I remember

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@sofia I need you to send at least 2 more songs :grin:

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The lyrics are not applicable to me at all but I’ve been listening to this song on repeat lol, I recently favorited it or whatever on Spotify

Here’s another song I like
The explicit version is better even though it’s almost the same, but I wasn’t sure if I could send that so I just found the clean version

I didn’t know this song was from an actual musical and that it’s just a cover but I just listened to the original and like this version better. I actually just watched The Politician in less than a day lol
I just learned the context to this song and it’s weird but oh well rip

I saw this musical on Broadway, it was really good, but I like this song, it gets better at like 1:50 lol

This is also from the musical, this one’s sad, it’s made me cry before rip

And this one’s also from the musical, I was probably looking forward to this one the most before seeing the show

I’ve been liking her music recently, this is good

This one was also stuck in my head for one part specifically

I like this song too

I also like this one

I remember waiting for the studio version of this song to be released but tbh, I like the other version better. She kind of just starts shouting at the end of the other version though, so that’s why I put this one in instead.

I like this song and this podcast musical made me cry rip

This one’s also good

I like this song, I first heard it from the movie Nerve and now it reminds me of the scene that it was used in

Ahh, there are so many more songs and artists that I like but idk which songs to pick and it’s already 6:23 AM
If I think of any more now or this thread is still open later today, then I’ll share some more!

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This is all completely rad

I’ll put it all in a playlist soon, I can’t guarantee this still being open later because I have to announce the next

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Ok, well thanks for letting me know! I’ll just check when I wake up and hope that it’s still open lol

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