Forum Island Discs: Astxrism

Our forum Island disc star this week is @astxrism you have a week to send at least 7 songs but you can send as many as you like, have fun!


Yesss I love isi’s playlist

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I said I wanted to have more songs than you but I’m not gonna torture El


Torturing El is fun
Mark my words


I could have had more songs but el would hate me


I could never hate you :joy:

starts sharpening my dabs


Let me quickly find songs I have prepared because I might have been very bored at one point


Parctices vincing


Ok, we’re gonna start off with some sad songs I relate to because I like to be sad. But we’re gonna progress to good, good songs :sunglasses:

Cry baby

Because that’s me.

Pity party

Never related to anything more than this haha



Because a kitchen sink to you is not a kitchen sink to me, ok friend? :pleading_face:

The Script :raised_hands:t2:

This band was my childhood. Sooo many stories


Now this song… this song. It hits.

Next four songs are for my broken heart and it has nothing to do with a real heartbreak :blue_heart:

If you could see me now

My tattoo!!!

Lego house

This was my favorite song growing up

It was my ex bffs favorite song (:
We would sing it all the time. I miss those times

And next songs are kinda for her

It’s time to let it go, go out and start again
But it’s not that easy
But I’ve got high hopes, it takes me back to when we started*

This is a mood…

Fly away with me

This song is so special to me… I made a video for my class at the end of high school and used this song…

More sad songs I love
Denis Lewis is just :blue_heart:

But, you don’t know what it feels like to fall in love with youuu


Can never go wrong with Hozier

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Tom is the first person I’ve seen live and I adore him

I’ve been to his concert too and he is sooo adorable. I’ve cried to this song

His voice…

My new favorite person

I’m sorry but I love this song

I’ll edit this tomorrow and add more songs but I quickly wanted to put this one here because… me

Y’all moved on so fast :sob:

*reads *


What’s up? :joy:

I didn’t even know that many songs existed :sob:
Idewk michelles count
Elli you poor poor thing

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Michelle sent 180 :joy: they wanna torture me smh my head

@CerealKiller @astxrism YOU GUYS!! Say sorry

Are you okay baby do you need anything


I have at least 50 more songs oops
You’re taking a look at my soul right now

You gotta whole lotta soul miss