Fun/Easy Ways To Get In Shape During a Lockdown

We are all tired of this lockdown, since we basically have nothing to do in our homes. But I think this is the perfect time to get in shape, so once we get out of quarantine we will be completely different! I have started doing that too. I work out almost every day and I already see big changes. You can start too!

First things first: boredom is NOT hunger!
The solution to boredom is not eating! I know it is very tempting to go and finish all the stuff in your fridge, but it is no good for you! When you are bored you can instead go drink a glass of water, trust me it calms your “hunger” and it is very healthy to drink more water! You can even download an app that keeps track of the water you drink! I have Water Time Pro, and it has helped me so much!

You can watch YouTube workout videos, to see what you have to and can do, or download an application in your phone. You can also search for things like “how to lose belly fat in a week” or “how to lose thigh fat” for example, to find a video that shows you ways to work out that focus on what you want.

Start a healthier diet! This is not necessary at all! You can just go with the “boredom does not equal hunger” route, but if you really wanna lose weight, and fast, a diet will help a lot. You can search it up online, and choose for yourself the diet that you think suits you best.

So, are you going to get in shape during the lockdown? And how are you gonna do it? If you have already started, how are you doing it? And if you have any tips, share them with the rest of the forums! :black_heart:


I heard a good way to stay not hungry is to sip on broth, since a cube is only 11 calories. It’s basically like drinking plain soup (or ramen water)

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I go outside for at least 30 minutes each day :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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I take a walk around our apartment complex at 10:30 for half an hour. There aren’t usually people outside at that time.
I also drink a lot of water.

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Good, but be careful outside! :smile::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:

I’ve bought the Ring Fit Adventure game for Nintendo Switch and it’s really fun! It’s like Super Mario and Pokemon games but you are Mario! :joy: I’m not sure if I’ll really get in shape with that game but it makes me move a bit more than normally.

Another thing that made me do sports lately is the Gladiator Challenge :joy: So thank you @fraud for getting me out of the bad and (hopefully) I’ll get in shape as well…at least a bit

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That game sounds fun!

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Just meet up with your friends to play tennis every day :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::smiley_cat:

…Every day? :eyes:

Oui? :eyes::sparkles:

Sorry, sometimes I forget there are people who have real friends in reality too :eyes:

Some of them aren’t friends but they’re okay for playing tennis :eyes::green_heart:

Oh okay :eyes: So the secret to having “friends” is being into tennis?

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I’m about to do Zumba in a little bit. The song are catchy.

Nope, the secret to having “friends” is to be polite and to pretend to be confident :eyes::green_heart:

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Easier said than done:(

I mean, I am polite unless people really piss me off, but how do I pretend to be confident? :thinking:

Be friendly and don’t hesitate to voice your opinion unless it could offend someone :eyes::sparkles:

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Yeah but people seem to judge me all the time :pleading_face:

Ignore that :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

Alright, all my problems are magically solved now! :smile::black_heart:

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