Funniest moment in quarantine?

Inspired by a thread on the Episode forums…

Have you had any funny moments while stuck in quarantine?

One I can remember right now happened during one of my MEET classes in 8th grade. One of my students was telling me about a crush she has on a boy from another school. So, one day, when I told her that I played ping-pong over the weekend with some neighbors, she told me that her crush also played ping-pong that same day. So, I figured out who her crush was and it turns out that it’s one of my neighbors.
In one of our sessions, there was a sentence in our textbook with the name of that boy in it, so when I had kids read the answers to that exercise, I made her read the sentence with the name of her crush in it. :joy:

What funny moments can you remember?


Zoom lagging out to the point where someone’s screen is just frozen. And usually it freezes on them talking, so it looks funny :joy:

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I can’t recall any funny moments :no_mouth::rose::two_hearts:

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