Funny music video thread

Now let’s talk about music videos that make you laugh :laughing: :joy: :rofl:

I find this music video funny because it shows that they’re in one of these shows like Maury/Jerry Springer/Jeremy Kyle show where these are all made up rubbish and it’s so funny that the members of You Me At Six randomly dressed as women, pretending to be old ladies or a random woman.

Feel free to share music videos that make you laugh!

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I find the lazy song MV very funny. too relatable

The Lazy Song!! :rofl: :rofl:
I really like the melody, the singing, and the general mood of the song. The chorus is very relatable.
But I hate the lyrics in the rest of the song. It would’ve been one of my top ten favorites, but he had to ruin the song by making it sexual. It annoys me because it’s supposed to be a song about being lazy and wanting to stay home all day and not talk to anyone. The sexual parts feel forced, to be honest, like he just added that in there because he thought some people wouldn’t relate enough to just being lazy. :flushed:

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It was sexual?

It says in one part…
Tomorrow I’ll wake up do some P90x
Meet a really nice girl have some really nice sex
And she’s gonna scream out this is great
“Oh my god, this is great”

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Aight, that just ruined the whole vibe of the song. What the heck?

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Exactly! If the song is about being lazy, just stick to that, bro! :rage:

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Check this whole meow song out

Ewww. I’m so weirded out now, like… ughhh

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I love this video! :rofl: The two boys that appear in the thumbnail look exactly like two of my cousins (they’re brothers) when they were little. :sunflower:

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Yep, here a another funny video of this below. Watch the whole thing.

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