Funny screenshots from games

There’s a thread for Funny Screenshots from Episode Stories but I think we also need a thread to share the funniest screenshots from all other games! :smiley_cat:
So here you can share those funny screenshots of glitches or other funny moments in games!

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@Gamers, do you have any funny moments you screenshotted from games or even screenshots that look weird out of context? If so, share them here!

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Found this on the Internet :joy: (Moments before disaster)

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FF7 has certain typos, this is a popular one (not my screenshot but I did see it in game)


Then there’s this one which I’m gonna put in hide details because it’s not exactly a spoiler but you may wonder to yourself “but why would…” So only look at this one if you have no interest in FF7 or don’t care about spoilers (my screenshot)


Then I probably have some botw pictures but I need to move them from my switch to my phone

@Gamers you guys have anything?


Idk if this counts but I had a brain game and It made my background weird:



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