Funny Stories [GAME]

Hello, yes, welcome to the Funny Stories Game!
I’ll try my best to explain how to play this game:

  1. User 1 write down 3 random words
  2. User 2 writes a short story that is related to the 3 random words User 1 chose
  3. Then User 2 writes down 3 other words and then the game continues…

Sorry, that was bad…
But, uh, here’s an example…

@LoserUser1: episode, badboi, crec

@LoserUser2: There was once a badboi in a cliche Episode story. He was an xsshole and treated everyone like shxt. One day, he fell in love with nerdy MC because sHe WaSn’T sEdUcEd bY hIs BaDbOi-NeSs. But the MC chose goldenboii, badboi went crec and ded.

@LoserUser2: roses, black, death

@LoserUser3: writes a story and continues the game…

So, uh, I hope you understood how to play this, hehe.
You can also add a number rating poll after writing your story for fun lol

Anyway, lemme start:
Kiss, Hole, Accident



McBrainless is an impulsive human-obsessed frog who wanted to be kissed be a princess who can turn him into a prince. So, he leaps outta his hole and follows a girl to a lab. The girl wasn’t exactly looking where she was going, so she accidentally steps on the McBrainless frog and he dies. Now the girl practises dissection on the dead frog


Lipsticks, chopsticks, genetics


added some tags

Wendy went to the store to find a new lipstick. She was going on a date that day. So she bought her Lucious Lady Lipstick and went home. Her date, Mario, came to pick her up at eight that night. He took her to a sushi restaurant, but Wendy had a hard time enjoying the date because she couldn’t use the chopsticks correctly. After two years of dating, the two married. Luckily, they weren’t genetically related so they didn’t have to move to Alabama. The end.
guys this might be the best story I’ve ever written

Next three words:
Laugh, Money, Cactus


work of art omg

They all laughed at Cactus. Ever since they were young, all everyone saw them as was a simple desert plant. Didn’t need much water, only basked in the sunlight. Nobody wanted to approach Cactus because they had pricks. They were a prick. But nobody was laughing now, because Cactus established a mafia by kidnapping every single high school bad boy. Cactus is a millionaire, and will take revenge on every pot and every soil that ever dared capture them. Everyone died and they lived happily ever after.

Words: chair, doorhandle, romance


cracks knucles

Hunter was an out-casted hot bad boy - even though the whole point of a bad boy is that they’re popular. He always hung out with himself, until he met Rain, who was equally hot, opinionated, strong and somehow lacked any interests or friends. After two days of knowing Rain, Hunter saw Rain talking to the school’s golden boy, Marcus. Being the big baby Hunter is, he smashed a chair over Marcus’ head. After seeing his incredible act of selfishness, Rain fell in love and the two ran off, breaking the door handle of the school because they were both too stupid to know how to use one.

Words: Notes, cup, sweet


I was writing notes and then bad boi Jax Xaj Xajax Alex Axel Hunter came along and with a sweet smile spilled a cup of coffee across them :frowning:🤌

New words: apocalypse, rain, flower

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