Games where you can win real money

What do you guys think of games where you can earn real money? This includes games such as Lucky Day or HQ Trivia. Alot of it can be seen as gambling but others see it has harmless fun. What do you think?


If you can earn and lose money I would count it as gambling. I also see loot boxes as a form of gambling.


I used to play a lot of HQ Trivia-esque game, idk why I deleted them. They’re not gambling, since it’s up to you whether you buy stuff and you cans still win without them (I won 19 cents once yee), the most it’ll waste is your time


Anybody tried these games?

Anyone won money? :joy:


I’ve tried, but usually they end up as scams. I think one of the only games that’s legit is Lucky Day. There’s also the Song Pop one, but it got on my nerves.

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I would like some real money that’s not through gambling but I hear sometimes these games don’t actually give the money :eyes:

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