Gender Identity Through Art

Art is a form of expression. Art can be a window to the past, or a statement about the present. In any way, art is up to interpretation in any way imaginable. That even includes gender identity.

Art of the past has featured individuals often emphasizing their gender, often showing males on the battlefield and women in feminine poses highlighting their curves and purity.

Is gender identity clearly defined in art?
In what ways have gender identity and art impacted the other?
In your art, how is gender identity expressed?


I think gender identity is expressed a lot in outfits and activities that characters are depicted in.


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I think that gender can be expressed in multiple ways through art.
As a (sort of) artist with a very complicated relationship with gender, I love to see artworks designed to make you question things like that. Men in typically 'women’s clothing. Women is typically men’s clothing. Someone who dresses and is set in such a way that you cannot tell whether they are male or female, left to assume that they are neither. There’s a lot I could get into on this lol, but what do you guys think? @Artists


I think art is however you want to see it. Perhaps a piece about representing social struggle could be seen to be about status to one, race to another, and gender to another. Not one piece of art has just one meaning. That’s what makes art so powerful.

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often, but that’s not always the case!
sorry to quote myself kdbhvf but a very interesting example is Da Vinci’s paintings of Saint John the Baptist

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now onto the questions
i’m no artist but i have taken a couple art history and art analysis classes so

i don’t think so, and that’s the beauty of it! it can be vague or allude to an idea, and express things words and thoughts can’t

in my case? my own queerness has impacted the way i view some paintings, as art is often a reflection of the viewer (Oscar Wilde, paraphrased)




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I think it can be, or can’t. Really, art is perceived in many ways, and there is no right or wrong answer, unless maybe the artist says so? I do think that people can know what the artist intended to make when it comes to gender, just, maybe not clearly defined overall.

I actually don’t express gender identity, all my characters are usually gender-neutral, just have more of a balance of whether they express more on the feminine scale, or the masculine.

@Artists, anything you disagree on?

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Gender identity in my art is the way I wish to express it! I am god, I decide who’s male and who’s female!

I think the closest you can get to ‘gender’ is masculine or feminine in the way you draw but that shouldn’t determine gender per se

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