Gender Roles in Same Gender Relationships

After making Discussion: Gender Roles in Households :man::woman:, my mind went to a more personal topic. It’s more a rant than actually a discussion, even though I am interested to hear people’s opinions and possible experiences with this.

When I was in a same gender relationship I told my parents about it. One evening a bit later my mom asked me tons of questions about who the person I was dating was. What really still sticks to my mind is that my mom more or less assumed it was a girl with relatively masculine traits if that makes sense. It’s just an assumption but I feel like that comes from me being relatively feminine so she just assumed that would mean the person I date would be more masculine. Why can’t 2 feminine girls or 2 masculine guys be in a relationship?

Now, I’ve never really experienced someone like asking: ‘Who is the man in the relationship?’ But it turns out people actually get that type of question and it’s just kinda rude in my opinion, why does there have to be a man in any relationship in general. Why can’t it just be 2 individuals? This is an interesting read on the subject:


It’s a bit silly to assume that, despite being the same gender, a couple still needs to have a masculine and feminine person. It feels like it’s just another way to push LGBT people to be in some way, somehow, heterosexual.


Heteronormativity :eyes:


pretty much exactly my thoughts on the issue :eyes:


I mean. Gender roles aren’t real anyway. Gender isn’t real. Heteronormativity hurts straight couples just as much as LGBTQ+ couples. Like, if someone could explain to me how women being childrearers and men being hunter grugs is in any way biological, please do so :joy:


Because according to the XY chromosome and Fox News, men are superior because all women born after 1998 know how to do is be bisexual, eat hot chip, and lie. Get rekt, libtard.


Wait only women are allowed to do this? :sob: What do I do with my liiiiiife


That’s cute.

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