Glitch In The Matrix

So… A glitch in the matrix is basically when something SUPER weird or unexplainable happens, often seeming like there is some sort of parallel universe just been revealed. Or, you feel like you are in some sort of parallel universe. (predicting future events, the exact same events happening after each other, seeing the same people over and over again…)

What do you think about it? What are your stories?


Here’s mine:
I was having this dream one night (can’t remember that first dream though) and then suddenly it switches to a new dream, when I know I was in the middle of the first.

In this dream, my sister and I were texting and we were both in the same “color” because we don’t have separate phones, we share a phone. I’ve always thought this was extremely weird.
Anyway, she’s making a bunch of weird jokes, and spamming, and keeps sending TONS of emojis. I think I play along at first, then tell her to stop spamming and get serious.
Then I sense that there is something else in the chat. I then tell her “I think there’s a spirit in the chat”
She replies with “no there isn’t!” and starts making weird replies, PRETENDING to be the ghost but I can tell that her messages were fake.
I feel somehow like I need to ask it something- and it has to be urgent.
I ask it- “Is there anything wrong near my desk?” I was asking it if there were any bad spirits near my desk, and it responded.
This time, the text was in a different color.
It replied with, “to bad window.” The message itself looked disordered like it was trying to get something out or was typing something super fast.
I woke up right after that, and I KNEW that it was something.
I told my mom, she said, “huh.” Then, a little later, she told me that she got a TEXT message, from our neighbor, telling her that her house almost got broken into- and the robber tried to get in through the door window thing, but got scared off by the dogs.
It’s so freaky to think about, they were going on a vacation but one of my neighbors stayed behind to watch the dogs, before leaving…
They have better security now, but that was freaky. Nothing like that ever happens in our neighborhood.


I get night terrors and sleep paralysis all the time, and people tend to call that glitch in the matrix stuff. I’m inclined to agree, it’s not an implausible explanation considering we know practically nothing about the human brain despite our efforts and research into it.

I have too many stories about it. From dreams that felt way too real, to an entire week of my memory just not being there for some reason? To really creepy night terrors that have lasting scary effects. Its an interesting topic. But a Terrifying one, to say the least


Sometimes, when something happens, I feel like I dreamt of it happening a few days ago. Or other times I feel like I’m re-living the same day again. :gift_heart:


Like deja vu or thinking about something that will happen, then it happens.


Okay, so @HarryPotterFan, her dad, and I can literally be like, “ Hey, remember so and so? “ and the they call us. It’s so freaky. And then we can talk about somebody, and then they just walk out of a building or call or something. It’s super weird.

Then my brother and I took a twin telepathy challenge ( we’re twins, btw ), and my sister asked us the most basic questions, then slowly progressed into harder questions that make us think…deeper, I suppose? Then we got almost every single same answer. I think we only missed 2 out of like, 25


Tbh my whole life just feels like a glitch in the matrix. Sometimes I’ll have very strong memories of a situation occuring and I can quote conversations word for word. Sometimes even when things are in the middle of happening it feels like it’s happened before just with different people. Of course this could be the fact my mentality has resigned to thinking life and social interaction is monotonous but even that in itself could be because the matrix has a limited amount of situations to provide me with.