Guess The Roleplay From Emojis!

Guess The Roleplay From Emojis

Hey guys, so if the title isn’t self-explanatory enough, this is a small quiz where I will leave a list of emojis below that represent a certain roleplay. The emojis could describe the title, or it could describe the plot or element of the roleplay, and it will test your knowledge on the current roleplays! (You can even give yourself the ultimate test by not allowing yourself to look at the roleplay threads!)

If you would like to have a go at answering, please blur your answers or put them under ‘Hide Details’ so that everyone can try it for themselves!

Roleplays Used:

Beginning of Rebirth
Blue Royalty
Camp Half-Blood
Dark Snow
Dungeons and Dragons
Fairy Tail
Flower Academy
Gravity Falls
International Song Contest
Las Levendas
Lime Grove
Love Is Blind
Mystic Lake Academy
P.E.A.K Academy
P.E.A.K What-If
RP Prompt at Anytime
Red Band Society
Rushmore Academy
The Hunters
The Selection
Total Drama Island
Truth or Dare

1. :woman:t6: :child:t3: :older_woman:t4: :question: :sparkles:

2. :night_with_stars: :lock: :arrow_down:

3. :earth_africa: :boom: :breast_feeding:t3:

4. :princess:t5: :running_man:t2: :woman_scientist:t4: :briefcase: :performing_arts: :man_cook:t6: :woman_factory_worker:t3: :face_vomiting:

5. :national_park: :arrow_right: :woman_zombie: :vampire:t2: :mage:t2: :fairy:t2: :elf:t2:

6. :partying_face: :couple_with_heart_woman_man: :paintbrush: :broken_heart:

7. :blue_heart: :crown:

8. :fog: :ocean: :school:

9. :twisted_rightwards_arrows:

10. :love_letter: :woman_with_probing_cane:

11. :japan: :school:

12. :game_die:

13. :shield: :superhero: :woman_shrugging:t2: :question:

14. :city_sunset:

15. :tent:

16. :desert_island: :arrow_right: :trophy: :moneybag:

17. :man_scientist:t2: :arrow_right: :man_teacher:t2: :woman_scientist:t2: :construction_worker_woman:t4: :policewoman:t3: :oncoming_automobile:

18. :sunflower: :school:

19. :school: :shushing_face: :lock: :arrow_right: :unlock:

20. :sleeping: :sparkles: :smiling_imp: :dart:

21. :musical_score:

22. :school: :school_satchel: :fairy:t3:

23. :snowflake: :wolf:

24. :shield: :superhero:

25. :bus: :japanese_goblin:

26. :passenger_ship: :desert_island:

27. :red_circle: :hospital:

28. :game_die: :dragon: :beers:

29. :cityscape: :woman_superhero: :woman_supervillain:

Please remember to put your answers under blur spoilers or hide details so everyone else can try. Also, I will check all your answers, but I will only tell you the score you got, rather than saying which ones were right and wrong!

Oh and, of course, the most important part. The prize for getting all correct… ultimate bragging rights.

Okay, then, good luck!!



Number five is Mystic Lake Academy


Apologies, that is incorrect.


Number 7 is Blue Royalty

Number 10 is Blind Love

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ha, lol, when you can figure out the one for the Roleplay you had owned…

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Some of these are really obvious lol

5 is Gravity Falls
7 is Blue Royalty
10 is Love is Blind
11 is Danganronpa (Not that anyone but the creator would guess that)
16 is Stranded
17 is Utopia
19 is either Truth or Dare ir Rushmore
22 is Fairytaled
23 is Dark Snow
27 is Red Band Society
28 is Fairy Taik
29 is Gotham


Uh, okay, I can guess a couple of them…

  1. Blue Royalty
  2. Mystic Lake Academy
  3. Love is Blind
  4. Total Drama Island
  5. Sunflower Academy
  6. Dark Snow and The Legendary Wolves
  7. Red Band Society
My Guesses
  1. The Selection (seems like everything can be picked again)
  2. Lime Grove (apparently it’s under lockdown)
  3. Beginning of Rebirth (world was nuked, see a new baby)
  4. RP Prompt at Anytime (variety of genres, could be something like lime grove or greenstead)
  5. Gravity Falls?
  6. Prom
  7. Blue Royalty (blue and a crown)
  8. Mystic Lake Academy (mist, ocean (close enough to lake), academy)
  9. PEAK What-If (the symbol makes me think of starting over)
  10. Love is Blind (love + blind)
  11. Danganronpa (clearly set at a school in japan)
  12. Dungeons and Dragons (we roll a lot of dice)
  13. PEAK Academy
  14. Greenstead
  15. Camp Half-Blood (only camp?)
  16. Castaways? Total Drama Island? (both quite island-y)
  17. Utopia (because scientists made the world?)
  18. Flower Academy (flower + school)
  19. Truth or Dare (guess)
  20. The Hunters?
  21. International Song Contest (only music thing)
  22. Fairytaled (school for fairytale chars)
  23. Dark Snow (snow and wolves)
  24. Las Levendas (nothing else really seemed right for it either :woman_shrugging:)
  25. Rushmore Academy (seems like a stretch but best one i had left)
  26. Castaways? Total Drama Island? (they both kinda have boats and islands)
  27. Red Band Society (red and a hospital)
  28. Fairy Tail
  29. Gotham (superheros in a city)

How did I do? :eyes:


I know for sure 19 is Rushmore Academy, 22 is Fairytaled, 27 is for sure Red Band Society (I miss this rp so much!), and 29 is Gotham.

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Yeah, I know, I thought I’d balance it out for the ones that aren’t so much so haha

Hope you don’t mind I edited it to blur your answers!

@BrookieK — 2/2
@GlitterFist — 8.5/12 0.5 is from Q19!
@CrazyCaliope — 2/7
@passionfruit — 18/29
@zoe4564 — 4/4


Some obvious work going on around here…

7- Blue Royalty

3- Beginning of Rebirth

4- Total Drama Island

26- Castaway

19- Lime Grove

18- Flower Academy

27- Red Band Society

28- Dungeons and Dragons

21- International Song Contest



Do you have the numbers right on that?

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my guesses

29 Gotham
7 blue royalty
10 love is blind
23 dark snow and the legendary wolves
18 flower academy

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I’ll edit them

@Sophia1233 — 5/5

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9- Beginning of Rebirth

19- Danganronpa

16- Total Drama Island

21- International Song Contest

23- Dark Snow

18- Flower Academy

5- The Hunters

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7 is Blue Royalty, 10 is Love is Blind, 13 is Peak: What If, 16 is Total Drama Island, 24 is PEAK, 27 is Red band Society, 28 is D&D, and 29 is Gotham

@Yomama — 7/9
@BrookieK — 5/7
@phnx — 8/8


Closed due to 2+ months of inactivity!