Has a book ever scared you or given you nightmares?

No, I can’t say it has. And even then, my “nightmares” I actually get a thrill out of. I like having those dreams. I have them a lot actually but no book has given me any dreams that include being completely terrified and scared for my life lol.

Has a book ever scared you or given you nightmares? @Bookworms ?

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Not really a book but I’ve read some creepypasta stories before :eye::lips::eye:

Yes! And here’s the embarrassing thing about it. I hardly ever got scared or traumatized over books when I was, like… 8-17. But when I was 18 and started having problems with depression and anxiety for the first time, I couldn’t read anything too scary before bed.

So I remember being 18 and going to the library to reread some books I loved as a kid, and there was this mystery book from the Baby-sitter’s club series that was awfully creepy. I think it’s probably the darkest book in the whole series. I had to finish the book during the day, and just thinking about it still gives me the creeps.

Ah, yes. It was a Wattpad book, where underage kids were kidnapped, assaulted, and then murdered. Then their ghosts were “controlled” by an evil village witch to carry out her villain-y bidding. It’s a basic hero-villain story but the details are very gory and graphic to read.

No? I mean I did read a book when I was younger that I found creepy and had a nightmare afterward, but the nightmare had nothing to do with the book so I don’t think that counts lol

No. Nothing gives me nightmares? Not even movies

Yes. God, yes.

Book-wise, no, but there was this one story we had listened to in music class when I was in second or third grade. Tailypo, if I remember right. It game me nightmares for weeks.

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I think I’ve heard of that one.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, by Alvin Schwartz.

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