Has the way someone promoted their story ever made you not want to read the story?

It happened to me a few times that I saw someone promote their story really badly and although it sometimes seemed interesting, I just didn’t want to read it because it was promoted in a way that I didn’t like.

Has this ever happened to you? Did the way someone promoted their story make you not want to read it?


Hmm…I don’t think that has happened for me.

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yeah kinda, but the way is basicly them saying, hey read my story, they dont tell the story, sometimes they dont even leave a link or title, like how am I suppouse to find it.

and then there is the ones who complain about reads. despite not haveing advatise it. one girl complain no one read her story, it was her first post on the forum, it said so.

usally I dont read stories because they dont interest me,


Yes, when people spam promote in a matter of minutes.
What about you guys, @duck or @ForeverAngel?


Anything with ‘sexy’, ‘hot’, ‘forbidden’, and ‘resist’ in the description. :roll_eyes:


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