Has your style changed since quarantine?

I can’t really say my style has changed much since quarantine, except that I haven’t bought clothes in awhile, and I now know how to apply gel nail extensions instead of going to the salon every month.

Has your style changed at all since quarantine?


Not reallyyy
Nah i dont think so

I don’t know. I don’t put a lot of effort with my appearance these days because I rarely get out anyway. My casual style is still pretty much the same.

A little bit, like on summer break it changed a bit so idkkk

I think quarantine has made me want to wear more alternative clothing than I used to, since I never do anything interesting with my appearance in quarantine aside from brushing my hair or something minor like that

Quarantine honestly didn’t change my style a bit. I’ve gotten to stay at home more, so I get to stay in my pajamas more, but I stayed in them as often as I could before as well. Then when I do leave the house, the only difference in what I wear, is having to wear a mask when required in public areas, so my style really hasn’t changed.

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I mean
I couldn’t go out and try on new clothes :joy: so I just resorted to buying more clothes from familiar websites that have clothes that fit my style

So no

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