Have you celebrated festivals in school?

In my Primary school, we get to celebrate Chinese New Year, it’s the only day of the year where we don’t have to wear our school uniforms. :eyes:

  • Have you ever celebrated festivals in school?
  • Were the fun?
  • Which year was the most memorable?
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Usually we’d just get the day off for any holidays, so I can’t actually think of any festivals we had in school :eyes:

No we get the day off

Yeah! We get to dress up on Halloween. Last year in particular, they did an event in the cafeteria, which I’m pretty sure was for Chinese New Year (I can’t remember). Also last year, we got to have a Valentine’s Day market where the clubs all sold stuff and the caf was decorated for Valentine’s Day!

Yeah, they were!

Even though it got cut short, last year was the most memorable. In the months that we did have, it was really fun, and student counsel was super involved and had lots of stuff planned!

@Students - what about your schools? Do you celebrate any festivals at school?

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We used to have them for September 16th (Mexico’s Independence Day), Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc… but not this year because of the pandemic, and besides, school is still online. But we are going to do something next Friday, because we celebrate Children’s Day in Mexico on April 30th. It won’t be an actual festival, but there will be a sort of event.

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