Have you ever been a teacher’s favourite/least favourite student?

I have been the teacher’s favourite student multiple times and depending on the teacher it was either really nice or really annoying. :eyes::sparkles:

So have you ever been a teacher’s (least) favourite student?
If yes, how did it make you feel? :eyes::sparkles:


Not that I’m aware of :eyes:

Well, I’m not certain if I was the favorite, but a lot of my teachers in high school really liked me. I liked being liked by them and I felt more comfortable asking questions.

As far as least favorite, one of my teachers last year I don’t know if I was his least favorite, but it wouldn’t surprise me. On a report, he would take of points for anything practically. I didn’t have the title of the appendix on a page on its own, (literally, a page with just the word, Appendix) so I had points docked for that when points weren’t removed for it on the previous report. I had to come in to class multiple times on a non-class day just so I could finish something that I was almost done with during class, when he was part of the reason for not finishing. Then being made to feel terrible about not having a certain program downloaded on my computer (since it errored out the first time and I was uncomfortable asking him to do it again) so a screenshot of the wasn’t enough for him. He made me feel like I was incapable and not worth being there just because I “should have been able to complete the work in time”. I’m sorry I was slower working problems than everyone else in the class.
I hate that teacher, and especially how he often made me feel. (I dont cry much, but I cried many times because of that teacher and stupid class)

I was the favorite of one of my teachers, and well, it was just really weird :joy:

I don’t think I was ever the favorite or the least favorite.

Never the favorite :rofl: :rofl: probably been the least favorite once though

my teachers don’t even know who i am, i don’t exist for them.

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It depends on who the teacher is. I’ve been a favorite of some of my teachers because they think I’m smart and obedient. But many of our teachers usually favor the ones who are friendly and funny inside class. I’m a bit shy and introverted in contrast to my other classmates, so yeah :joy:

There are some teachers in our school who don’t like the smart ones, or the ones who speak out a lot because they’re the ones who always question their ways of teaching :eyes:

Yes. I know some people hate teacher’s pet, but I’ve been a teachers pet before :eyes: it was a really good advantage. May be unfair, but it was just me being a good student. I was able to cheat my way to good grades in that class. The teacher basically saw me as his own child, so maybe that’s why lmao. I still have a great relationship with him, and now my younger sister is the teachers pet in his class :joy::joy:

Just somewhere between favorite and least favorite. It felt… okay? Lol.

One day I did my own personal survey by asking the least favorite and most favorite students of our class teacher. The most favorite one said that he was okay to be the teacher’s pet but secretly wanted not to be as it ‘degraded’ him in his friends’ eyes and also he was constantly annoyed to put up with the teacher’s demands. Y’know, being the ‘perfect’ student?

The least favorite one said that she honestly didn’t care about teachers’ opinions (in fact, no one’s opinions). She just minded her own business. FYI, she used to have low attendance records and very high grades in school (she also scored very impressive marks in various competitive exams). She said that she was better off studying and utilizing her important time at home rather than putting up with the teacher’s sh/*t at school.

So, well, it really depends on the personality of the teacher and student both in the end :upside_down_face:

I can’t really tell. Most of my teachers have liked me I think.

When I was really really young, like 5 or 6 or something I was really attached to this one teacher. It wasn’t a traditional school. The school let kids run around and do what they want essentially. So like I would hang out with her everyday lol. I was probably super annoying XD.

I don’t really try to be a “perfect” student anymore, I just try to get my work done (unless I like the class). It’s just too much work. Like, I’d have to do extra research outside of class in order to do that kind of thing or memorize the textbooks. I’m not gonna do that. I just want to understand the topic and get my work done lol.

My teachers always like me and I have been my English teacher’s favorite student, she made it really obvious haha. I don’t think I’ve ever been any teacher’s least favorite student

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Yes, in middle school!!! I felt so loved and special, I miss my teachers :pleading_face:
I’m not sure why how that happened but my English teacher really liked me and whenever she needed help with something she would ask me to do it. She would always use me as an example and it made me so happy hahah

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I think I’ve been a teacher’s favourite for a bit, but I didn’t try to be :sweat_smile:

@Students What about you?

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I’ve been a teacher’s favorite two times. They even made me a prefect because of that too :no_mouth:

I don’t think so. I have always been that student who prefers to stay out of the limelight but do her part by participating in school stuff, getting good grades etc.

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